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Re: Jean Noblet Tarot

Postby SteveM on 12 Apr 2009, 11:05

jmd wrote:I made that same misreading when I first looked at his list... that's not Lynx, but iynx ;)

dUH...of course, its just the hebrew transliteration of jinx...

1911, Amer.Eng., from 17c. jyng "a charm, a spell," originally "wryneck," a bird used in witchcraft and divination, from L. iynx "wryneck," from Gk. iynx. The verb is 1917 in Amer.Eng., from the noun.
In Greek mythology, Iynx was an Arkadian Oreiad nymph; a daughter of Peitho and Pan, or of Echo. She cast a spell on Zeus which caused him to fall in love with Io. In consequence of this, Hera metamorphosed her into the bird called Iynx (Eurasian Wryneck, jynx torquilla).[1]

According to another story, she was a daughter of Pierus, and as she and her sisters had presumed to enter into a musical contest with the Muses, she was changed into the bird Iynx.[2] This bird, the symbol of passionate and restless love, was given by Aphrodite to Jason, who, by turning it round and pronouncing certain magic words, excited the love of Medeia.

So the WoF according to Filipas is the magical love charm known as the Iynx _ a spinning wheel to which a wryneck bird was attached? The lovecharm, a spoked wheel with a spread-eagled iynx fastened to it, was suspended and spun to attract a love-object, in roman/greek jewelly it is often spun by eros, or is accompanied by Nikai playing dice, illustrating the 'game of love' through the allegory of another popular game.
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Re: Jean Noblet Tarot

Postby Adrian Goldwetter on 08 Sep 2014, 22:03

Hello Eugim!

Since I just posted a thread on the "unicorn terrace" that does feature the "justification" for Jean Noblet's "peculiar"
card dimensions and you should still wonder about them:

His deck is "pure gold" in a "box".

Link to a page from the PDF I posted: ... 3.jpg?dl=0

Link to the thread on the terrace:


Come and have a look!

Adrian Goldwetter


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