THE Facsimile of François CHOSSON tarot soon available

Marseilles September 02nd, 2012

Some already know it: Facsimile of the unique copy known for the tarot of François CHOSSON cardmaster and engraver in Marseilles in 1736 is announced for this autumn.

Some more of patience and you can finally possess your own copy numbered by this limited edition to 3000 copies.
This rather mysterious cardmaster when in its origin and its filiation, left us as a mark of its art an "undated" tarot or rather badly dated what allowed many suppositions including the most unrealistic.

When this tarot will be in your hands, I propose that we open a thread of discussion dedicated to confront our opinions, seen and hypotheses.
Indeed, while seeing cards closely one can be made a clearer idea of its period, its style and of presumed date regarding his printing.

This facsimile will be realized in the same spirit as the tarot of Pierre Madenié I did:
Same telescopic solid box.
Paper 400 gr satiny finish
Wrapper from this cardmaker with its two beautiful gryphons.
Two additional cards of presentation French/English.
3000 games only in limited edition and numbered.

Since CONVER, it is the first time a tarot really made in Marseilles is reproduced. Duly noted...

If you are interested, send me an e-mail and I shall keep your or your copies.
It is careful to keep a non used deck for your collection and a deck of use.

2012 Year of the Dragon will also be the year of.... Gryphons!

Salutations from Marseilles City Capital of Tarot

Yves Le Marseillais
Personne n'est au dessus de l'obligation de dire la vérité.
Nobody is above obligation to tell truth.

THE François CHOSSON tarot Official picture

Wednesday 21st November 2012

Hello all,

Some news from Marseille and CHOSSON Project:

Here is a picture of what you will get by 10th December coming.
Same quality, wrapper and box that MADENIE.

This really "Made in Marseille" in 1736 tarot deck will update your collection no doubts.

As you see on picture I will add an original wrapper of this cardmaster with cards.

I have already printed 500 of them by myself: Ouf !...

You can book your numbered exemplary by mail right now and later by Paypall on my web site when decks arrived.

I will treat orders by rank of arrival of course.

Enjoy !!...


Yves Le Marseillais :-B :ymparty:
Personne n'est au dessus de l'obligation de dire la vérité.
Nobody is above obligation to tell truth.
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Re: THE Facsimile of François CHOSSON tarot soon available

Hi Debra,

It's because the image was so large. I reset the settings so that if an embedded attachment is over 600 pixels wide or tall, it will show as a link instead. Now I see a link to the file instead of the huge thumbnail.

The Tarot will lose all its vitality for one who allows himself to be side-tracked by its pedantry. - Aleister Crowley

THE François CHOSSON 1736 tarot is back home in Marseille

Marseille Tarot City Friday 18th January 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Dear Tarot passionates,

Here is THE News:

Rolling drums..........


Tarot de Marseille Héritage website had just been updated


You have now possibility to offer yourself or offer to others:

The Tarot of François CHOSSON 1736

A dual package Madenié/Chosson for gourmets.

Two Chossons for cautious collectioners: Limited edition 3000 numbered exemplary.

Tomorrow Saturday 19th first decks will be posted for quickest of you and next week should be worst than ever as I feel it.

This edition is result of many months of work, patience, administration struggles, questions, tests and other funny things.

I have wasted my own bank account but it was for a good aim don't you think ?

Now I am going to take care of packaging operations and give you a "rendez vous" here for your first reactions.

Enjoy it !!

And.... Bonne Année 2013 for all of you !! :ymparty:

Personne n'est au dessus de l'obligation de dire la vérité.
Nobody is above obligation to tell truth.

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