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Lorredan wrote: ... ocial.html
a Cartoon of Monkeys dressed as nobles doing a Moresco dance seems no longer available.
It was at the Court of Queen Isabella when in Casablanca?
The Erasmus Grasser type Moresco dancers seem the most likely origin of the Tumbler/Juggler/ of the Cary Yale sheet.
The Chess variant threads ...

The Moresca seems to have been based on chess (16 figures). It was possibly brought to Italy by Alfonso of Aragon (possibly in his Trionfo 1423, which included a sorcerer figure, which also appears in the Moresca figures ?).

Re: The monkey's turban

I know there is a Fool- I do not know about a Socerer in amongst the Dancers. I have no idea what happened when the dancers got to England and became Morris Dancers.
Your attachment ... chl_pc.jpg
Shows the dancers and on the far right is two dressed monkeys hehe. I almost missed them.

I was thinking about this 'Moorish' Monkey on the back of the Juggler whatever.
One reason he might not have been long living as a card- was the general anti- moor thing going on in the Church at the time.
What time you ask? I dunno. Maybe alright before 1500- not after? When was that Sultan deposed/dispossessed in Spain?
Oh ahh I really liked the Chess thread.
The Universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
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Re: The monkey's turban

Hi Debra :-h
Those engravings are weird. Was there anything about the subject matter on ebay? Or does that not happen?
They look like they are performers of some sort or another.
I cannot see lil monkey- I can see a dog up on hind legs about to get a titbit.
Maybe my inkblot eyes are deserting me?
It took me ages to discern the center Jupiter type figure is having his beard combed by a hand puppet with arms coming out of a curtain- so it looked like a hand puppet was doing the combing. Very weird. The date is very interesting. This exotic look seems very common- maybe it was not so exotic?
The Universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
Eden Phillpotts

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