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Corrections to the cast of the Mitelli Deck!
The daughter of Oceanus (15) is Thetis the Neried who we see as Temperance (14). It was she who attempted to make Archilles immortal by holding him by his heel and dipping him in the River Styx- annointing him with Ambrosia. She did so because of the Propecy of Themis that she would bear a son greater than Zeus (echoes of the Christian Christ to come?). How oddly coincidental that we see the Hanged Man before Death in Tarot. I had never thought of the Hanged Man as Archilles- but there you go. (15/14/13/12/) 11 which I will have to revisit as a sequence may not be Eris/Ate at all.
Thetis played a far more central role in the religious beliefs, practices, and imagination of some of the Greeks. The pre-modern etymology of her name, from tithemi, "to set up, establish," suggests the perception among Classical Greeks of an early political role. Setting up and establishing the worldly order?
Card 9 we see as the Hermit is Hephaistos (not Geras:Time) husband of Aphrodite (7) He is the God of Forge and Fire, and made the armor of the Gods and Mortals.
So I guess this all leading to the two Popes being The Eastern and Western Popes.
The Universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
Eden Phillpotts

Re: The Most Beautiful Deck in the World?

Well I have come to the end of my ramblings about this most beautiful deck....and I think somehow it should have switched to the Unicorn Forum. It has for me explained the mysterious Tarot especially the Tarot de Marseille and how we forgot the classic story of the Gods and Mortals and crossover from Myth to Christianity in the cards. Seated Western Pope became somehow La Papesse and standing Eastern Pope became Le Pape, we were no longer in the Golden Age. Imagine how the traitor Ker who kills sleep became Archilles the Hanged Man who was destined to be Mortal after all and died an ignoble death- just like someone else we are taught about.

Here is a quote I know not from where..
Show me a man who longs to live a day beyond his time/who turns his back on a decent length of life/I’ll show the world a man who clings to folly”
...and a verse that needs much titivating and tidying, but sort of explains the deck for me.
Thank you Roubret for posting it and sending me on an enlightening journey- it was a blast! (from Zeus!)

Seek oh Beginner to blend mind and soul
Learn from me who transforms from trickster to hero
Hermes the great appeaser- my goal.
I sing of my Birth as Eos sings of the Dawn.
I am a bringer of dreams and the singer of songs.
I am the Spirit of crossing over, to all I belong.
The Thriae taught me and I, Hermes did learn
What Fortune awaits, what Gods can define.
Between God and Mortals and the end of the line.

Eos she heralds the rise of the Sun
Between the sky and the Earth this can be done
King of Mauretania astronomer, mathematician born
Atlas upholds and supports the sphere on his back
His shoulders are broad, his intentions are strong,
His sister Selene is reflected light of the Sire
Takes her glory from Helios and Prometheus’s fire.
The dome of the sky spins and runs on its track.
For Gods and men there is no turning back.

For Aphrodite rides in beauty with Eros aside
Is it all about Love we have to decide?
For Themis will guard our Human rights
She married Hephaistos who armours our hide
Forge ,Fire and Smith and the Gods delight
But Nemesis rides her wheel regardless of us
Then Eris as strife who is tails turned up.
Pain and woe, night kills sleep and on it goes
For we are just mortal, Thetis has not our heel
And Thantos as Death strides out in our fields
In Oceanus’s rivers, that flow on and on
And like Menoetius with Zeus’s lightening blast
We are Mortal we- are Mortal is life’s obvious song.

If Hermes could teach and we could learn
The Gods are alive and reside within us
Their words are spoken from men on a throne
But they are faint echoes of a Sun from above
Who captured Eros and bought Love not a stone
And gave us a chance to be immortal at last.
Lets us not be Epimetheus the scatterbrain fool
The Father of excuses, who dances forever alone.

The Universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
Eden Phillpotts

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