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The Papus-Goulinat Tarot deck has been mentioned recently in the Etteilla threads on the Aeclectic forum in that it shows Etteilla influences especially in the Minor Arcana. The 2 and 10 of Coins have generated much talk because in the Papus deck there are clear Kabbalistic correspondences (involving these and other cards), but it is highly questionable whether such allusions retroactively apply to Etteilla's original deck.

My own theory is that Papus (Gerard Encausse) was not satisfied with Oswald Wirth's 22-card occult deck, which was a modification of the Marseille deck based on the ideas of Eliphas Lévi. Instead, Papus worked with the young artist Jean-Gabriel Goulinat (1883-1972) to create a deck that incorporates material from Paul Christian and the Falconnier-Wegener (Egyptian) deck, Etteilla's Minors, and the magical writings of Eliphas Lévi. Even in 1909, Papus tells us that he drew from "the work of the little-know researcher Etteilla" and he also gives credit (re timing) to "the brilliant clairvoyant Mlle Lenormand."

I believe that not much is known about this deck because it has only been published as a deck since 1980: by Dusserre (beautiful but rare) and a US Games version that is awful (see below).

Based on discussions with Christine Payne-Towler and with the wonderful assistance of Cerulean I've found that the 72 Angels of the Shem Ha'Mephorash are the basis for the talismans found in the lower box of the pips: 2 angels - a Day and a Night one - are assigned to 36 of these pip cards. This material comes directly from a handwritten manuscript (dated 1860) that Eliphas Lévi gave to the Baron Spedaliéri in 1861. Papus says, "The engravings at the bottom of each of the cards are reproductions of the secret talismans of Eliphas Lévi." [This may well be the basis of Kenneth MacKenzie's own Tarot work - although Mackenzie went well beyond this in creating the Golden Dawn system found in the cipher manuscript (another topic).]

I've just found Lévi's manuscript, Clefs Majeures et Clavicules de Salomon, online so I invited others to help in translating the text. There's not a lot of writing, but it includes some interesting material on working with these talismans magically and ends with a prediction by Lévi for the year 2000 that he received through his own Kabbalistic divination. ... alomon.pdf

The Papus-Goulinat Tarot images can be found in
- Le Tarot Divinatoire, Papus, (Paris, 1909; modern edition, 1993)
- The Divinatory Tarot by Papus, translated by Beryl Stockman (Aeon, 2008)
- The 1910 revised edition of Le Tarot des Bohemiens, Papus (unconfirmed)
- The Papus deck published by Dusserre (a real gem)
- The Papus Tarot Deck redrawn and modified by Oliver Stephane, Agedis Editeur (Paris, 1981) and U.S. Games (1982). Note - I've found several errors in the talismans in this version.

This is a major find for those who are Kabbalistically inclined in their Tarot work, yet are interested in Eliphas Lévi and the French occult tradition.

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Re: Papus-Goulinat Tarot Deck

The document is mentioned by Waite as Clefs Magiques et Clavicules de Salomon Par Éliphas Lévi. Sq. 12mo, Paris, 1895.

"The Keys in question are said to have been restored in 1860, in their primitive purity, by means of hieroglyphical signs and numbers, without any admixture of Samaritan or Egyptian images. There are rude designs of the Hebrew letters attributed to the Trumps Major, with meanings--most of which are to be found in other works by the same writer. There are also combinations of the letters which enter into the Divine Name; these combinations are attributed to the court cards of the Lesser Arcana. Certain talismans of spirits are in fine furnished with Tarot attributions; the Ace of Clubs corresponds to the Deus Absconditus, the First Principle. The little book was issued at a high price and as something that should be reserved to adepts, or those on the path of adeptship, but it is really without value--symbolical or otherwise.
end quote

(Book XIX in the bibliography of PKT)

The Ace of Clubs, first principle Waite mentions is the second taliman on p.8.

Are any digital copies of the Papus cards with ShemHamphorash designs available on-line?
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Re: Papus-Goulinat Tarot Deck

Here's a selection of the Minor Arcana/Pip Cards from the Dusserre edition. Note that the Wands suit simply has rays or nails in the lower box. The others all have the Day Shem Angel (at the top of each page of the Lévi manuscript). The text to the left of the picture is also from Lévi. The material on the right has days and times. The meanings above and below are from Etteilla. The Trumps can be viewed here:
Papus-Goulinat Minors.jpg
Papus-Goulinat Minors
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