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I'd like to know which deck too - though it's rather difficult to identify unless there are other cards sharing the same back. It seems to me to be incredibly close to the Payen/Dodal, except that in the Dodal, the numeral in written on one side as 'VIIII' and on the other as 'IIIIV' (another example of the additive form, by the way Eugim ;)). Also, the backs are different.

I have not had a look in either Kaplan or some the exhibition book to check the back of the cards in case it appears therein, but even with that, we need to be careful, as the back may have been pre-printed for cardstock and used in common by various card-makers.

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Thanks Eugim,

A nice old card. I can't tell what deck it is from. It looks like the definition of some lines are missing in the orange-yellow section.

I think it might be hard to figure out the deck it is from, but Jean-Michel is right, the back is probably the best clue.

Good luck!

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Hello all,

I had same problem of identification with 4 old cards some months ago.
Same period and type.

My only personal solution is to:
Step 1:
Collect all cards of Museums who sell, give permission after accreditation.
Collect original cards and or Fac Similés.
Collect Exposition or documented Catalogues.
Scans ALL this cards, card by card.
Step 2
Reworks all this scanned cards or numeric pictures via Photoshop.
Step 3
Print all this stuff on files in real scale. A back per deck.
Step 4
And.... finaly look and memorize :mrgreen:

I passed step 1 in three years time (I have targeted Tarot de Marseille I and II type only plus some mandatory Historical Decks).

But work is never finish of course...

Now I am starting to reworks all this scanned cards or numeric pictures via Photoshop.
Before printing them.
In fact I already reworked and printed some of them and estimate that 50 to 60 decks is a reasonnable figure to finish the job. Tarot de Marseille I & II only.

So,... be patient and call me back in 2/3 years ha ! ha!! :mrgreen:

But I am also OK about back design to be not enough to identify: It is rather a period that it can identify rather than a precise cardmaker. Unless exception may be.


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