The Tarot de la Félicité

One of my most prized decks is The Tarot de la Félicité by Pierrick Pinot.

It's a 22 card deck that is handmade and one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Here is how Pierrick makes the decks: ... making.htm

One thing that I love about this deck is the mix of influences. I can see Conver, Dodal, Noblet, and very often Vieville, as is clear in this image of The Chariot:


These images are all from the second edition, which I believe is still available. I have a friend who was able to get the first edition, and it may be even more beautiful:


This is an expensive deck, but considering the craftsmanship that went into making it, and how huge and beautiful the images are, I'd certainly recommend it as a special, collector's tarot.

He also sells an earlier deck called the The Tarot d'Argolance, for you Wirth fans out there, (and I know there are a couple here!): ... ation_.htm


His work is stunning, enjoy yourself looking through it:
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Re: The Tarot de la Félicité

Isn't it amazing how some artists can create such magic? As devoted as I am to digital programs, when I or other people do things by hand it adds something to the mix that you simply do not get otherwise.

I don't use or buy Majors-only decks but that seems to be where the iconoclasts are, or where they start out, since several unusual and vibrant artists have gone on to greater success after publishing Majors decks.

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