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Hi everyone,
I recently turned up an example of Oswald Wirth's 1926 tarot rendered as cards, rather than the two-per-page pamphlet thingy published by Le Symbolisme. To my surprise and delight I found the inside of the slip-case contained a personal dedication and signature from the man himself. (see pic below)
My query is, what do the letters T:.C:.S:. stand for? And also, what about the triangle of dots?
It has been suggested that they could stand for 'Tres Cher Soeur', with the dots simply being a fancy abbreviation symbol, but has anyone any other ideas please?
Best, Sumada

You can see some more pics of this deck here:- http://sumada.multiply.com/photos/album ... irth_Tarot
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Re: old Oswald Wirth cards

Beautiful edition Sumada! You're very lucky - guard it well!

The three dots are typical of initiatory orders, e.g. G:.D:. (Golden Dawn), O:.T:.O:. (Ordo Templi Orientis), etc. I don't know which Order Wirth might be alluding to offhand (it's probably in "Wicked Pack of Cards" or "History of the Occult Tarot"), or if it is just an esoteric wink.

I think "Très Chère Soeur" is not a bad guess for the abbreviation. In orders that use Latin, "Cara Soror" and "Care Frater" are sometimes used in place of "Dear Sister" and "Dear Brother", but "T" can't be a Latin abbreviation for any word that means "very" (AFAIK), so I'd go with the French (and the rest of the text is written in that language as well).


Re: old Oswald Wirth cards

These are just lovely, Sumada.

I've sent you a pm about another of your decks--I mention it here because the pm notifier from this forum got sent to my e-mail spam folder a couple of times--I had to slap gmail around to get it to stop doing that :)

Re: old Oswald Wirth cards

Ross G. R. Caldwell wrote:Beautiful edition Sumada! You're very lucky - guard it well!
Hi Ross,
Thanks very much for your input. I most certainly will guard it well. I don't think the seller knew what they had, and didn't even say, or show that it was signed; hardly anyone else bid on it !; AND it cost me less than my Editions de L'Aigle * version!! Staggering stuff eh?
Best Sumada
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