Re: Fortuna’s Wheel Tarot by Nigel Jackson

Well, I respect Nigel Jackson and always enjoy his work. This looks great, although not in my budget. I am not keen on many cards depicting The World but I like this one very much.

In the Rumi Tarot he has such wispy arabesque-like clouds and in this one they are like ellipses or perhaps even parabolas. He must have a thing for clouds although I've never seen anyone mention it.

He is one of my favourite creators.

Re: Fortuna’s Wheel Tarot by Nigel Jackson

robert wrote:
Not yet, I've not bought a deck this year.
Yeah, there aren't too many good ones being published. I managed to scrounge up a copy (finally) of the Bruegel Tarot on Book Depository--been looking for that at a regular price for a couple of years.

I'm sick of collage decks and photo-realism.

Oh for the Minotarot, Poggi's Dante, and Folchi's Mitalogico for under $50!!!!

I think I just saw a pig fly by. . . .

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