Dick Sheet - Le Hermit

I can see Mr. Ross on line just now.

*So tell me if you like Ross: If the figure holding a lantern or an hourglass ?
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Re: Dick Sheet - Le Hermit

I'm not sure what your point might be about the lantern. The French had it early - the earliest surviving French Tarot, Catelin Geoffrey (Lyon, 1557), shows it.

Some people decided to see a hermit or monk in the image, instead of an allegory of Time. Wanderers like friars need a lantern if they are a little late to their resting place for the night. I guess cognates could be found in other kinds of art (but I have none to show you at the moment, never having thought to look).

Re: Dick Sheet - Le Hermit

Thanks Ross.

The point is as follows.

1+-Catelin has it. / TdP also.
2-Visconti has not
3-Tarot de Marseille has it

* So how consider a Milanese pattern instead here of a Ferrarese ?
The Universe is like a Mamushka.

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