Papesse as Allegory of the Church

This is a topic that has been well explored by Ross Caldwell before...

In visiting the Vatican last year (just over a year ago), I took quite a number of photos that relate, in their imagery, to tarot. I am not in the least claiming that they are tarot images. Rather, I would suggest that both tarot and these draw on the same sources, or, if you prefer, occurs in a common cultural milieu.

Of interest, then, is the following allegory of the Church of St Peter (which I had intended to bring here all those months ago, and now also forming part of a new page on my site):


(note that the horizontal bar is an actual bar below the ceiling added for reinforcement)

Re: Papesse as Allegory of the Church

Yes, great image Jean-Michel. Thanks for posting it.

I am sure there is no need to mention this, since most of the members here are familiar with Michael Hurst’s blog, but recently he made couple of post on this very same topic: ... mercy.html ... -joan.html


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