Moon - Star - Maison - One Landscape?

Placed in order right to left, the landscape & water lines of the House of God, Star & Moon is some Tarot de Marseille decks appear to line up. It is most clear in the Rochias (illustration attached), having seen in it in that I have found it in some others too, not always as clear as with the Rochias though because of the stencilling (going over the lines, or using different blocks of colour).
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Re: Moon - Star - Maison - One Landscape?

Very nice, Steve. Also, the movement is from right to left, as in Hebrew, and from lower to higher ground level, a kind of ascent up a hill. And then it doesn't work.

However something like the same motion goes from Hanged Man (head below ground level), to Death (ground level) to Temperance (hand level). Also, at the beginning, there is a downward motion, if it makes sense to speak of a "center of gravity " for the image, from Bagatto to Emperor, I think; then a top-down energy in all of the next three, then static, then circular, then down (at Strength). At least this is the way they look to me.

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