Endymion's view on sun, moon, star

Ross wrote:
And "in a society obsessed with astrology" they would put Venus lower than the Moon?
Hyperion (the "high-one") and Theia ("light"), one of the six Titan pairs (from which two weren't really pairs, cause Zeus claimed two of his aunts for his own use and to create 3 daughters for Justice and 9 for Memory) got three children, two girls and a son.

Helios (son) ... Sun ... for the day
Selene (daughter) ... Moon ... for the night
Eos (daughter) ... "the red of the morning sun" ... for the matters between night and day (though the perspective of the evening star is a little bit forgotten)

That's really not so complicated. The persons, who later had power enough to give the planets new names, which are relevant in modern use ("Venus"), were not of the same mind as those, who wrote the Greece mythology. "Astrology" hadn't been a big factor in old Greek mythology.

Nonetheless Venus and Eos had some similarities ... Venus had about 10 lovers, and Eos 4, and both had sexual contact to humans. So both stood "for evolutionary aspects".

Much more difficult than this humble detail is the question "How many children had Zeus?". The history collection of names has "too much", likely cause some cities and their local cult demanded to have descended from Zeus. So much private idleness can't have belonged to the general model.

I think, there were 32 mothers for 64 children.
16 of the mothers were of the class "goddesses" and 16 were of the class "mortal humans".
The 16 goddesses had 42 children, the "mortal humans" had 22.
Naturally there should have been 32 sons and 32 daughters.
Well, and it was counted from 64 to 1, not the other way around, not from 1 till 64.

64 .... Athena from Metis
63-61 ... from Themis, the aunt, 3 daughters
60-51 ... from Rhea, his mother, 5 boys and 5 girls (for the 10 fingers of your hands)
50 ... Artemis, from Leto, his cousin ... it took 9 nights, before Apollo was born
49-41 ... 9 nights, in which the 9 Muses were born ... from Mnemosyne, his aunt
40 ... Apollo, born after 9 nights, son of Leto
29 ... should have been Pandia, daughter of Zeus and Selene
(from Selene we have only two sexual contacts, that with Zeus, which created "Pandia", a full moon festivity, and the 50 daughters of the sleeping Endymion)
01 ... and the last was Herakles.

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