The Suicide King

This is a bit off topic, but it is still playing cards. I've been researching the history of playing cards and came across this image of the first "Suicide King". Before this the KoH had an axe. Some of you have deep reserves of history and a innate ability to know what these people were thinking at the time. If you notice, the subdued sword. They could have drawn a real sword. Why the icepick? Notice the gold arm. The kings other arm doesn't have that amount of gold. Notice the seal on the arm; It faces away. I'm I crazy, but to me it looks like the "Suicide King" is actually the "Murdered King" This is a long shot, but what do you think the symbolism is and is there a name of a king that fits the image during or prior to 1680? ... n1680.html - If you notice the JoC it's C. Hewson not L. Hewson. I find it interesting the artist chose the JoC as his advertisement card. Presently the AoS is used.
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