Re: The nameless-ness of Death, how old ?

robert wrote:Lorredan, I don't believe that there is a prohibition about calling the death card death, I think it's a 'modern' invention. There's a thread on it here somewhere, I'll see if I can find it later.
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Re: The nameless-ness of Death, how old ?

robert wrote:Noblet has no problem with it at all.
neither does the anonymous parisian, and there are even some TdM2 where the name is added on the card (see one of the Rochias for instance).
In fact older decks which include the names have it written clearly, other who don't, don't have any names on any cards ; this "nameless XIII" appears on the southeastern TdM1 like Payen, Dodal, etc... and seem to be also the standard on most (but not all) TdM2. "Besançon" type decks shows a variability too, sometimes the card bears its title, sometimes it doesn't (maybe older decks have the title). "Rouen-Bruxelles" type decks use the title (from what I remember, at least some of them do).


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