for re-merging

So you ve got a prize my friend...

-Well the point is that I love too much Italian-American movies,because they are far closest to my "feel" or mood.
I m an odd mix of Italian (Cossentino) and Irish (Cormack) and English too (Tippin).

Wasn t my intention to joke you Michael.
Yes I m a funny guy too.

Well with regard to the thread if the "Ascended Master" Michael Hurt said that SEQUENCE CONVEY MEANING,sure we must pay attention strongly to this.
I allways understand deeply the first time I visited your site and saw it,that this suppose to "open" many avenues to search.

-Sequence of the cards,of the historical place of the decks de Marseilles,and why the cards were unnumbered on Italian decks and why Frenchmen did later.
I think that there were more than a common sense of number them to make to the card player more "familiar".
For instance see as you know the wings of XIIII card...
Why these change,I mean wasn t an attempt to make it more close to the card player...
On Aeclectic I said to the bon ami JMD and also to Le Pendu that historical facts about the meaning of the card origin iconography could also coexist with a hide meaning.
Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,I know very well you hate it.But I m not talking about here or elsewhere of the biggest clumsy caravan of misunderstood began with Pico della Mirandola and ending with LE FOV of Eliphas Levi.
By the way I m close with Mr Waite about the inexistant link with Qabbalah.
We have 22 cards but one unnumbered (LE MAT) and the other unnamed (XIII) / evoke is to summon,so that why the card isn t named,just for me.
So we have LE MAT and the others 21,so not 22
Do you understand what I'm saying my dear friend ?
Capisci quello che sto dicendo caro amicci ?

I m talking about Marsilio Ficino and his Medici Academia,I m talking about Gospel of St. John compared with Poimandres of the Corpus Hermeticum,and with the School of Alexandria.
So I m not talking about Bob O Neill "guts lost" because he never was too "hard" or funky to pointed it black or white,I mean where he "is",so in which side.

-Michael (I m also another Michael /Eugim-Migue-so Michael) you can t deny that there were a Christian Church before the first Council of Nicea and another after.
Just check the first Fathers of the Church and theirs thoughts and you can be agree with me about their inmersed Neoplatonism mind and heart.

I suggest for you to "analyze" that sequence as follows... /And also to the others friends here of course.
1-First row: LE MAT /I-II-III-IIII
5-Fifth: XX (Wake up Mike you arrived ...)
6-Sixth: XXI -ANIMA MUNDI Michael /So the first golden particle of God,the Son,give to you a wellcome arrive...
Too Jungian for you ?

BTW,Are you talking to me,so there is anyone here...

This is a gift of Michael Corleone ... (With friendly warm love of course...) (My wife is now scorching to me and tell me "Leave that man at peace please once for all !) /I will never...

ps // Replay to s an honour and a funny heart pleasure too...

Eugim // Migue the little princes
The Universe is like a Mamushka.

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