Science and elegance

For a long time, the tarot has been a victim of historical errors and esoteric. That translates into not valid: arcane for trumps, tarot Charles VI insteed florentine's deck, etc.

We now use acronyms, CY, PMB, Tarot de Marseille... This seems a congress of IBM,

I think it's time to raise more serious names for this study.

For example:

a) They are not arcane. They are triumphs.

b) Not CY, is visconti deck

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Re: Science and elegance

For the Michelino deck we choose "Michelino deck", cause the painter. Anyway, there was not much competition, as nobody really had a name for it. Michael Hurst called it "Besozzo" cards, but "Michelino" seemed to bemore significant.

"Visconti" has (at least) commissioned 3 decks (so it's not good to take this name for Cary-Yale), the painter is unknown. "Wedding 1441 deck" would be a good name, cause it might be the purpose, why it was made, but it agree not enough persons, that this dating has enough security. Cary-Yale is short, that's not bad.

14 or 70 Bembo cards is good for the first part of PMB, as a lot of persons agree on Bembo as the "first painter".

"6 additional cards" is good for the other part.

Re: Science and elegance

Well we certainly have to use conventional terms where they exist, and invent clear, informative, meaningful ones where they do not. And saying the full name of someting, like saying "Visconti Sforza" is easy, but continually writing "Visconti Sforza... Visconti Sforza.... Visconti Sforza" etc., is laborious and tedious, so we use abbreviations "VS... VS... VS..." It is permitted, when reading a written page out loud, to expand abbreviations into their full name. You don't have to say "Vee Ess" when you read "VS" - you can say "Visconti Sforza". The opposite is true of the alternate name "PMB", since "Pierpont-Morgan-Bergamo" is a lot of words. Therefore "Visconti Sforza" is the preferable spoken name.

The Cary-Yale has been in the literature long enough - since Cicognara - that it is known by two names -
Visconti di Modrone, the family they belonged to when it entered history, and, later in 1947, when it had been donated to Yale University as part of the collection of Melbert Brinckerhoff Cary, Jr. (1892-1941) - I presume by his wife - as the Cary-Yale.

"Cary-Yale" is clearly the preferable term, and "Visconti di Modrone" is anachronistic or extremely pedantic.

Giovanni Brambilla originally owned the Visconti cards he gave to the Brera Museum in Milan, so they are called the Brambilla.

I always found "Pierpont-Morgan-Bergamo" a mouthful, but it has the advantage of keeping in mind where all the cards are. That didn't help me when we took a wrong turn into Bergamo, and I totally forgot to take advantage of being lost in the city to go see the cards!

"Visconti-Sforza", the other name it is known by, has the advantage of distinguishing it from the purely Visconti packs. It also has a nice noble sound to it. When I am speaking, I usually say "Visconti-Sforza"; when I'm writing, "PMB". Saying "Pee Em Bee" just doesn't have a nice sound.

Other cards are known by their museum, e.g. Warsaw, Budapest, Met(ropolitan) Museum, Albertina, Victoria and Albert, etc.

Long ago I tried to get Charles VI reconsecrated as de Gaignières, after their first known owner François Roger de Gaignières (1642-1715), but the old name just stuck. This is identical to the case of the Mantegna Tarocchi - the name is just too well-known to be replaced by E-Series or any other more scientific term, and the only thing one can do is write "so-called" before "Mantegna" or what I often do, "Pseudo-Mantegna."

The game devised by Marziano da Tortona for Filippo Maria Visconti, painted by Michelino da Besozzo and copied in a manuscript by Jacopo Antonio Marcello, is much harder to name. It often depends what aspect you are talking about - if the text, then you distinguish between Marcello's letter and Marziano's text; if the cards in an abstract way (since they don't exist any more), then Michelino's cards or the Michelino is usually what I say.

Re: Science and elegance

Sorry. I was away and could not respond earlier.
is laborious and tedious, so we use abbreviations
It is a language problem, I think. In English is more common use abbreviations. In Spanish is not used commonly.


Yes, they are good proposals. Summary:

Bembo cards
Visconti Sforza < ----- The alternative, as Ross said, its PMB (IBM Revisited :-? ) or Pierpont Morgan Bergamo.
Charles VI < ----- I think its best Medici or Fiorentina deck.
E-Series < ----- PERFECT.

When a man has a theory // Can’t keep his mind on nothing else (By Ross)

Re: Science and elegance


I still think its better use "Sola Busca" (there is also repeated in the Yale University, Este Deck and Cary Yale, but Cary Yale is a good name), but the post is really good. I'm going to bring here, in a separate thread. Thanks, friend!
When a man has a theory // Can’t keep his mind on nothing else (By Ross)

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