"Spanish Tarot" by Fournier

Hello everybody,

I'm quite new to the Forum, and so far I just have questions instead of useful information.
Sorry for that. :)

I'm interested in finding out details of the so cold "Spanish Tarot", published by Fournier.
Here it is:
http://www.tarotgarden.com/database/ima ... hcards.gif

There's very little info about the original deck in internet (at least, I couldn't find much) and worse, it is contradictory. In some website I read that it was printed in 1736, in Valencia (a Spanish city), which would account for the "Spanish" label. But mainly I've read that it is in fact a reproduction of a deck published by an Italian engraver called Giuseppe Ottone. [If so, why call it "Spanish" then?]

This deck is a Tarot de Marseille, made between Dodal (1700) and Conver (1761) ones. And indeed it is a sort of mix between them. Most of the Majors (IIII, VIII, etc.) have their "own" design (meaning that they look different to other decks, so they must be the original work of Ottone), but several are very -very!- similar to Conver's (VI, XVII -specially-, Reyne de Batons/Queen of Wands, etc.). They look almost the same to me! So, does anyone know any connection between this deck and Conver's? Or is it that those cards were lost and the people at Fournier copied Conver (which is the standard Tarot de Marseille for everybody) in order to complete the deck for its publication?

Plus, there are some interesting cards:
- XI is holding a strange animal (neither a lion nor a bear).
- XIII, like Noblet's, faces left (not right).
- XVI, instead of a fire/lightning breaking the building, there's the branch of a tree coming out of it.

So, if anyone can shed some light about this oddities, I'll be very grateful.

Thanks anyway in advance.
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