Re: Tarot and The Church

foolish wrote:... what i hope to have accomplished is to add to the discussion. not only in the historical sense, but also in the way the cards can be interpreted.
Well, you shouldn't fear to be without competition in this field.
For instance you might study the articles of the author "venicebard" at the aeclectic forum ... 875 posts. If you don't know, how to do it, try the local search function.
He has a rather extended, big, complicated system, in which he reflects a lot of things, bardic system, troubadours, kabbala, celtic poets and alphabet and somehow also the Cathars and the relevant region. That's really a firework and actually, if one takes it as a work of art, impressive, though it's occasionally difficult to follow him, as it seems, that he occasionally assumes, that one already understands a lot of "his" system.

Re: Tarot and The Church

thanks. i'll try to take a look at that when i have some time. what i have seen in the past are other attempts to place the tarot trumps in a context which doesn't quite encompass all the cards. so the next thing to do is to introduce another source which can explain the others.

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