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Re: Parallel Game of Prints

Posted: 10 Oct 2009, 10:31
by Ross G. R. Caldwell
debra wrote:I see "time flies."
Certainly in a different context, and in isolation, the exact same allegory could be used to illustrate this theme. But this allegory is using a conventional depiction of Time in a specific narrative context, and here the meaning isn't "Tempus fugit".

I should say, rather, that the "primary meaning" isn't Tempus fugit; one could take a secondary morality from the one intended by the author here, or a different take on the same principle.

Re: Parallel Game of Prints

Posted: 11 Oct 2009, 01:20
by prudence
I'll take a quick stab at it,
Sowing seeds that were well planted, regarding moon phase and seasons.... the virtue of timing it all out in line with nature's cycles...and how fortune will follow.

Something like that. shrug

Re: Parallel Game of Prints

Posted: 11 Oct 2009, 02:44
by EnriqueEnriquez
Wow Marco, what a gorgeous image you brought!

I am with Robert in that the whole image resembles the Wheel of Fortune. More precisely, it looks like a circular narrative (The top figure faces right, the bottom figure faces left, suggesting a counter-clockwise motion), a story that bites its own tail, that brings to mind the Circulus vicissitudes rerum humanarum.


(As many of you probably know already, the book is composed by seven images. This is just the first one)

It is hard not to project, but I see the two characters at the right and the top as more cheerful than the two characters at the left and bottom. There is something in the shoulders cadence, plus the faces, in the last two, that suggests sadness or defeat.

Even before reading the messages in the banners, the whole image suggest that impermanence-redemption idea we can see also in The Wheel, Circulus and some other works and we could resume -tongue in cheek- as “don’t get too cocky in your way up for sooner or later you will fall. Learn to fall will grace so you can rise again.”



Re: Parallel Game of Prints

Posted: 12 Oct 2009, 09:03
by marco
EnriqueEnriquez wrote:Wow Marco, what a gorgeous image you brought!
Hello Enrique.
The image is really great, but it was not found be me. We must thank Ross for finding and posting it! :)

The wheel near the centre of the image has a very specific function, which I think can be recognized. It is not a wheel of fortune nor the wheel of a chariot..... This one is really difficult! ;)

I am not familiar with the "Circulus": thank you for posting that image! It will definitely deserve some discussion of its own.