Re: Are we having a tendency to overinterpret, I wonder.

cadla wrote:When in doubt, a nifty supportive statement from Star Trek with some pertinent screen shots should explain any contrary or misleading symbolism. The fact that Star Trek didn't exist in 15th century Italy will not interfere with your using it for interpretation. You can make pictures of Temperance saying "Beam me up Scotty" and relate it to Aquarius, and the Disputation of Saint Catherine of Alexandria by Federico Zuccaro.

Throw in a shot of Dr. McCoy with some putti flying around his head while he's saying "I'm a doctor Jim, not Cesar Ripa!" and you have the start of a complete and satisfying study.

The Tarot will lose all its vitality for one who allows himself to be side-tracked by its pedantry. - Aleister Crowley

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