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EUGIM wrote:- Another you to do ...

1- Place aside LE MAT and LE BATELELUR.
2- So first row is : II to X
3- Second XI to XX
4- XXI as an arrive.
And.....??? I assume you have a point? Will you please tell us why you want us to do this and what you think it means?
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Re: Sequence arrange

Hi Eugim,

Is this suggestion on the arrangement of the cards related to your overall view, as expressed here?
EUGIM wrote:1-If one lives aside LE MAT,LE BATELEVR and the XXI card as the final stage,the sequence is from II to XXI
2-So the sequence just for me is structured in two rows: II to X and XI to XXI
3-The first row is ours ordinary row where the inner fire of life is saved from ours stupid intention to liberate it as Gopi did,the second,the row of the very few like as Jesus or Buddah who can call this fire without damage.
4-This process takes place at XI card,where and thanks for,a person learn to dominate his inner force which comes from the sacred fire,the serpent dreaming at the coxis.
5-When this process is at a somewhat level that person reorient his energy just not now towards himself but better to his surrounding place.
This is the XII stage.
Where one create with his throat: For example as Mozart or Tiziano.
Now his not receiving energy from the earth,he is receiving energy from the sky through his feet. ( Sky understand it as the divine energy )
6- At XIII card stage a double process takes place: His energy kill obsolete,death energy matter,remove the earth-matter. ( LE BATELEUR,receive earth energy from his feet and tie it with the energy he receive from the sky )
That s takes place in him and surround him at the same time and place.
7-The result of this moves TEMPERANCE to balance the old recycled and the new energy for better uses ahead.
8-Then comes the Devil.
We all are tied to him.
The weight of ours Souls is directly linked with ours faults.
That s determine the time we spend at this card stage.
So as I said we never pass by this stage till we paid ours last dracma.
9-At XVI card stage the inner fire has its liberation and return to it s home : The Sun as Dodal shows for example.
If so, I wanted to ask you: how do you think was this knowledge meant to be implemented? Or in other words, how is all of this put into practice?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Sequence arrange

Hi Eugim,
EUGIM wrote:*Hello Hola Enrique !:

Just leave me do a correction here...

I to X
XI to XX
XXI: To arriving for ...

X : As a little wheel.
XXi : As the biggest wheel.
Good. I got that part. Thanks.

What I am interested in now is in implementing it. How do you think is this meant to be put into practice?

Thanks in advance,

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Don’t look now, mayonnaise is dressing!

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