LE MAT company

* Times ago Debra explored Vieville deck in an article at ATS.
There she asked about the animal which follows LE MAT.

- It is a dog or cat or a ????
So what is it ?
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Re: LE MAT company

* Just for me is a dog or a fox or a wolf.

- I remember Gerard de Sede when in his book " The Gothic mystery " said that there was three level of degrees of stone cutters,the men who build the cathedrals.

. From the lowest to the highest : The fox,the wolf and the dog.

- Dog in the provençal language it s means the dog of the gots,so cagot.
The cagots were the descendant of that men which built the cathedrals in France by Visigoths order.
The Universe is like a Mamushka.

Re: LE MAT company

I read Jean-Claude, or Roxanne, somewhere saying that the animal is a civet.


In the Middle Ages, civets were captured and tamed as house ‘pets’ or little in-house exterminators way before cats were introduced in Europe. Civets are cat-like and dog like at once and they are gray with black stripes.

I have always found this reference intriguing.

(It seems that Civet it is also the name of a female Punk band. I can totally see Le Mat listening to that kind of stuff :D ).


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