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The lists are very helpful. I will certainly pipe up when I get my hands on any one of those books.

I hope we can all agree though that as this is a Tarot History forum, that no one here should feel embarrassed or ashamed of the fact that they actually use the cards for reading. I understand that the word "history" carries equal weight to the word "tarot" in the forum name, but I do not want to feel shame or squirm at the tarot part of it anymore than I want to feel that way about the history part. :-B
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Hello Ross,

Thanks for your thoughtful answers.
Ross G. R. Caldwell wrote:Hi Enrique,

Great questions, that raise still others...
EnriqueEnriquez wrote: Is there a difference between seeking to understand something and seeking to proof something? Which one are we pursuing?
I'm not sure I understand the distinction you're trying to make, but I'll just react to my impression of the proposed difference between understanding and proof - in HISTORY.
I was alluding at the difference between researching with what I would define as an open mind, this is: the ability to accept what you find, what is in there, without shoehorning it to any preconceived view, and setting to prove the historical validity of a pet theory.


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Re: How do we advance?...

For my opinion, I'd like to warn that Occam's Razor can be over-used.
If we always applied occams razor, then we would probably be stuck with newtonian physics, and Einsteins theories would never have been given a chance.

Physics seems to be able to cope, remembering what is a theory, what appears to be proven, how well it is proven, and never dismisses the possibility that it might be disproven in the future. The important thing is to keep these separation in your head.

Also, bear in mind the difference between a post claiming something to proven fact, and posts that are just working on a theory, searching for evidence etc.

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