Re: Game of Tarot at reasonable price!

Still, Eugim, is it not interesting that this may be rare physical evidence that others were making that connection at an early date?

There are some other interesting anomalies here in that this set of images seems to include versions of the cards not seen before. For example,The Reaper is shown with what appears to be caskets,The Devil is shown in flames with a female counterpart in the background, The Tower shows a strike from the sun unaccompanied by flames or smoke and, amazingly, no hail or rocks. Also, The Judgment shows a male divinity figure between the angels. If all of that isn't enough to peak your interest, there is the fact that these cards have titles!

If these sheets are not forgeries, then they are really unique. Also of interest, is the fact that these images were apparently hand colored rather than stencil colored. This must be recently made. Best to you, —Marcei

PS. Ok, Eugim, I've got it. You're joking—you made these sheets!

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