'early' sheet inclusive of astrological and Alef-Beit markings

Hello everybody here ...
I been thinking that Instead of rambling about this childish and silly "deep thoughts",why you Robert don t open a Gallery for the truest Marseilles decks to look and enjoy for people as I that haven t the possibility to "buy" a single deck of which are here talking about...

-I mean an ours own Masterpieces Decks Library a Museum,but not from web sites..
I mean that for example Ross,Yves or ROM goes to the BNF and just DO the work,just do the "thang".
So put here the originals decks and why not also the blocks...
-So we have then a common genuine Library to discuss friendly of course.

-Or must I think Robert that you Forum musn t open too much ? / I mean may be not too later people of another countries far from Europe or EEUU could log in,and as I said haven t the possibility to find a true original deck.

-Common Brother there is another world aside ours...

My good comrades all said with my best friendly intention...

Eugim :) :) :)
The Universe is like a Mamushka.

Re: Game of Tarot at reasonable price!

Nice to see you again JMD...
Btw,were ou ill or on a long trip ? / Your absence here was very noticed.
-Well I understand the point about the difficult of such enterprise.
If there is a little contribution to this here I attached for you two versions od the Tarocchi de Visconti very odd,with astrological references.Here is the link.
Do you think that they qualified as historical decks ?
http://mygrimoire.skynetblogs.be/catego ... 8/1/Tarots

The Universe is like a Mamushka.

'early' sheet inclusive of astrological and Alef-Beit markings

JMD ...
I ve been thinking if it will be better to sample a Menu as you right placed at Aeclectic.
Thus we could stricltly relate to a single unique card,so not exhausted a trhead with tangentials allusions to others cards.
Thus the others members could find easily opinions of each one card fast to replay so why not also on another thread.
-I have to assume that I made large posts because I haven t a " back posts " made to redirect to whom could be interested on my earlier done.
-So I think your prior idea of a Menu could be too much useful / Please at least consider that JMD and tell please to Robert.
-That will surely will bring oxygen to the traffic of the threads.

PS / i found a book in Spanish who link the relation between the Order of the Benedictines monks ,the Qabbalists Hebrews and the born of Masonry.

My best as ever,

Eugim :)
The Universe is like a Mamushka.

'early' sheet inclusive of astrological and Alef-Beit markings

Re. a Table of Contents [ToC] (as I first started on Aeclectic a few years ago - and continued by others in various sub-forums) is undoubtedly a good idea - but perhaps not quite yet. We (ie, us contributing members) probably need to here be a little more thread-focussed and open new threads for new topics rather than the wide meanderings we have at times taken for a ToC to be useful.

Re the two images you show, of course they are wonderful... and do not see in what context you ask if they are relevant... they're great!

Re: Game of Tarot at reasonable price!

I think we're very open for a TOC, once there is enough information for a TOC. :) Remember that this forum is only 2 months old, and has only a few contributers.

Should the need for a TOC present itself, I'd be very happy to have one added. I hope things are easy enough as it is now to find information as we continue to discuss these topics.
The Tarot will lose all its vitality for one who allows himself to be side-tracked by its pedantry. - Aleister Crowley

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