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78 Card Deck Decoded ?

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The calendar year use to began in March. So, after 0-9 cards are placed on the outer 10 points. Cards 10-21 go around the inner following the western zodiac, starting at Aries.For the Minor Arcana the 4 seasons of life follow from cups to wands, to pents, to swords. The Page is for the Cardinal sign, The Queen is for the Fixed sign, and the King is the Mutable sign. The four Horsemen rest within the four corners.

Once it is compiled the story weaves through the cards.
The story of life that is.
Any day the wheel of fortune can through you for a loop though, for no day is promised to any.
This is what ancient log rolling symbolized.
Truly this is a tale of good and/or bad fortune.
All of our legends have come from a true understanding of the zodiac and the tarot cards.
This is coming from someone who never thought he would ever say it.
But, I’m a truth seeker and when I find it I share it.

Judgement, Birth ~ The Chariot, The Crib ~ The Sun, “Kid”, young goat ~ The Lovers, Puberty, attraction of opposites, separation of sexes. ~ The Moon, Puppy love, Ovulation/Maturity ~ The Star, Out with old sign, in with the new sign. ~ The Hierophant, Showing new and true sign/spirit animal ~ The Tower, the reckoning, mistakes catching up with you ~ The Emperor, Ascension/Adulthood ~ The Devil, Temptation for Power ~ The Empress, Temptation for Lust ~ Temperance, Taming the beast within. ~ The High Priestess, Marriage of souls ~ Death, Fading of old life into new life ~ The Magician, One man becoming 2 ~ The Hanged Man through the magic of childbirth. ~ Justice, Man behind the curtain, the veiled threat. ~ The Fool, Man balancing unknowingly, before Justice‘s (L)edged blade. No know-ledge ~ Wheel Of Fortune, trials ans tribulations of life. ~ The Hermit, knower of hermetic wisdom. Knowledge ~ The World, Becoming one with the Earth. ~ Strength, gained through union of Man and Beast. ~ Judgement, Death ~ The Chariot, The Crypt/Ferry
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Truth Is Stranger Then Fiction!

Follow This Ditty.
time complete earth.png
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Follow Dorothy(Virgo), as the twister puts her off bearings and she lands on a witch(Libra). Leaving only cup shapes that turn out to be slippers. Following the yellow brick road, she gets back on path. Where she meets the Lion(Leo), Scarecrow(Scarab/Crab), and the T(w)inman(Gemini). She goes on to the land of Oz(x)-(Taurus), where she is led to the Wizard(Aries). Off to the West to kill the witch on a broom(Scorpio). Chased by flying mokeys shooting arrows(Sagitarius) she climbs a steep staircase(Capricorn) to find a bucket of water (Aqaurius). Splash the bucket of death on the witch and off to tap her slippers(Pisces) together. No place like home folks, no place like home.

Re: 78 Card Deck Decoded ?

You could also do it this way:

Fool: Dorothy and Toto
Magician: Professor Marvel
Popess/High Priestess: Good Witch Glinda
Empress: Auntie Em
Emperor: Uncle Henry
Pope: The Wizard, by reputation
Justice: Scarecrow (lacks a brain, but in the end is chosen to rule Oz)
Love: Tin Woodman (lacks a heart, but in the end is all heart)
Fortitude: Lion (lacks courage, but in the end fights bad guys well)
Chariot: cyclone, yellow brick road
Hermit: the Wizard in "person"; or maybe Toto's knowledge later, leading the rescue
Fortune: Wicked Witch with her crystal ball, preparing her ambush
Hanged Man: capture of Dorothy and Toto
Death: Elvira Gulch (wanted Toto dead) and the Wicked Witch of the West
Temperance: Glinda breaks the spell caused by the poppies
Devil: flying monkeys, captive guards
Tower: the Castle where Wicked Witch sets fire to the Scarecrow
Star: the bucket of water dumped on the fire, inadvertently killing the witch
Moon: wizard won't grant their wishes, gets exposed by a dog
Sun: the 3 realize that they have gotten what they wished for already
Angel/Judgment:The 2 miss the hot air balloon, but Glinda gives the magic formula
World: there's no place like home

My Hanged Man is rather lame. There might be something better, Maybe somebody can improve on that and some of the others.

This is based on the movie rather than the book. Hollywood solved the riddle of tarot long ago.

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