Re: New Age Tarot

The author appears to be distinguishing between standard Tarot decks used for fortune-telling and Tarot decks used for spiritual development. These latter include non-standard card decks like the Osho, which the author mentions.

The distinction between divinatory and spiritual Tarot is not particularly helpful for the historian, since they are tightly interwoven uses of the cards. The practice of the former usally relies on the premise of the latter, that Tarot embodies an ancient wisdom, which is only perceptible through meditation and clairvoyance. Since clairvoyance sees "beyond the veil" of appearances, it permits prophecy, seeing the hidden forces of the present, as well as things that happened in the past as well as those that will happen in the future. Clairvoyance is therefore a concept implicit in both threads of the esoteric Tarot traditions.

The author states that new age Tarot involves numerology, occultism, and alchemy. This is very much traditional esoteric Tarot, and informs many systems of divination as well. Very many people who memorize divinatory meanings for the cards, or just consult a book with meanings listed when reading them to see into the present or future, do not realize that these meanings are usually rooted in esoteric - i.e. "new age" - doctrines about Tarot.

In other words, there is no useful distinction to be made between divinatory practices and esoteric tarot. Both are traditional, and even if you are practicing fortune-telling with the cards, as soon as you look into the sources for the meanings you will find esoteric tarot.

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