Re: Bembo Workshop and Marriage Depictions

I have, perhaps an answer to the cassione panel of the supposed Triumph of Love- or the Love Procession you posted.
If, as the bequestor of the panel was correct and it was the Marriage Procession of Beatrice D'este to Il Moro- then the sad faces, tied hands and winter clothes makes some sense.
Apparently Ludovico had arranged to marry Beatrice in March of 1489- but nothing happened. Then it was to be in May 10- again nothing happened. Then it was arranged for the following March 1490. Once more it was delayed and Ecole D'este was getting pretty fed up with all these delays and it was suggested that the marriage finally take place. The date agreed was to be in Winter in 1491 somewhere other than Milan, because travelling in winter was a time of bad weather and the rivers shallow. Beatrice's father insisted on a Milan wedding and sent his daughter to be married regardless of the weather etc. They were married on January 18th 1491 on a supposedly auspicious day for Il Moro, but not where he wanted- in an auspicious place. Apparently he was into Astrology.
I imagine, if the other panels were discovered, it would finally show her wed and the procession would be happier, and all hands untied. Very symbolic of her situation leading to her Marriage- in this Winter cold painting, with the Mulberry leaves in the background and all the dead wood and leaves on the ground. Poor girl. He was supposedly a mean fellow to boot.
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