Collection French Tarot dates 1500-1700

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1505. Avignon. Taraux (anonymous account-keeper; Chobaut, Depaulis) ... Ross
Avignon is at this time not part of France.

1527 and 1530: Notes of Philibert in Italy
Philibert of Chalon, called prince of Orange
discussed at
Philibert fights for the German emperor in Italy. The notes refer to events in Italy.

1529. Two letters of Agrippa of Nettesheim, which inform, that Agrippa had a dog with the name "Tarot". As this dog might have been in 1529 relative old (he's in two cases the first, which is named of totally 7 dogs), the name of the dog might reach back to Agrippa's time in Italy (late 1510's).
The matter was discussed:
The discussion was proceeded a longer time (with interruptions by other themes)

1534. Lyon. Tarau (Rabelais (southerner) MA 131) ... Ross

[1538. A Spanish artist in Paris is designed as Tarot painter (it's not sure, that he really was one)
deleted, cause of viewtopic.php?f=11&t=345&start=370#p19220]

1553. Paris. Tarault (Estienne; MA 131) ... Ross
"Lo stampatore francese Charles Estiene faceva riferimento nella sua opera Paradoxes all "inventore delle carte italiane con cui si fa un gioco di chiamato 'le Tarault'". ... Marcos
In a 1553 Estienne edition: ... lt&f=false
In a 1555 Estienne edition: ... lt&f=false
The passage was shown (modern) and discussed here:
post 9 at the page
The work seems to be (at least in parts) a translation from "Paradossi, cioè sentenzie fuori del comun parere, novellamente venute in luce, la cui edizione princeps, contrariamente all’espressione ‘novellamente venute in luce’, apparve a Lione per i tipi di Giovanni Pullon da Trino nel 1543" by Ortensio Lando, which was discussed recently by Andrea Vitali:
.... in Italian language.
Paradossi (Ortensio Lando), version of 1550: ... sC&f=false
The relevant chapter is Nr. 5
Interestingly I found the word Tarault in a work of 1554 of Estienne:
... at page 357. I can't see any relevance to Tarot.
A further "Tarault" I found in the Robert Estienne (not Charles) dictionary from 1557 "Dictionariolum puerorum": ... &q&f=false
"ung Tariere, ou Tarault, Terebra. Alii Terieri, Alii Terelle". In a 1549 edition: "Tariere"

1557. The deck of Catelin Geofroy in Lyon is dated to 1557 by an inscription on one card.

1559. According own research the Tarot de Paris should be dated to 1559.
Arguments at viewtopic.php?f=11&t=755

1559. A playing card trader in Rome sells his business with various items. Beside Italian cards he also offers French playing cards, but no French Tarot cards.
Report at ... viewtopic.php?f=11&t=654&p=9753&hilit=1559+rome#p9753

c.1560. Paris. Tarot. Tarots (Neux, Depaulis (VxP); MA 131) ... Ross
??? 1559. The translation to French of "The pasquinata anonima sul conclave". ... Marcos
François Rasse des Neux (? 1536 - 1589/90,) (? another seems to have died 1552) (one was book collector and physician)

c.1560 Paris. Tarots (Christophe de Bordeaux; MA 132) ... Ross
Discussed with more material
viewtopic.php?f=11&t=754&p=10784&hilit= ... aux#p10784

1564. ?. 1565. Lyon. Tarots (Ps.(?)-Rabelais; MA 132) ... Ross
The bock V of Gargantua et Pantagruel. ... Marcos
(English translation see under year 1653)
French version (1573): ... navlinks_s
Livre V, in chapter 23
compare also:
Post 2

1566. According a text of 1617 (see there) the French king Charles IX had prohibited Tarots (and some other games) at his court. See research at:

1566. Lambert Daneau, Deux traittez de S.C. Cyprian; jadis evesque de Carthage. L'un, contre les Jeux & Joueurs de cartes & de dez..., (1566), pp. 19-20.
recorded by Ross Caldwell at ...

1570, November: A heavy earthquake in Ferrara, Italy. It might be assumed, that playing card production in Ferrara (likely of greater importance for the Tarocchi development) was disturbed, and that this reason possibly raised French interests to replace the Ferrarese production.
Dicussion at: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=833

1572. First recorded version with participation of Pierre de Larivey, Champenois.
Les Facecieuses nuictz du Seigneur Iean François Straparole. Avec les fables & Enigmes, racontees par deux ieunes Gentilz-hommes, & dix Damoiselles. Nouuellement traduictes d'Italien en François par Iean Louueau. (Le Second et dernier livre des Facecieuses nuicts du Seigneur Iean Straparole. Traduict d'Italien en François par Pierre Delarivey Champenois.).
Authors: Giovanni Francesco STRAPAROLA; Pierre de LARIVEY, Champenois.; Jean LOUVEAU
1574. Pierre de Larivey Champenois "ideo e pubblico un indovinello la cui soluzione era il gioco del Tarocco". (In Giovanni Francesco Straparola, Les facétieuses nuits. Paris, 1576). ... Marcos
1576. Paris. Tarot (Champenois (Straparola) ; MA 132) ... Ross
Notes Huck: Straparola lived till 1557, the work possibly wasn't finished. A first edition is recorded for 1541, the next follows in 1550. A first French translation is recorded by worldcat for 1560 by Louveau
"Les Facecieuses nuictz du seigneur Ian Francois Straparole... Nouuellement traduittes d'Italien en François, par Ian Louueau.:. (Ep. déd. de Rouillé à F. Rogier).
by Gian Francesco Straparola; Jean Louveau" ... umber_link
A first participation of Pierre de Larivey is recorded by worldcat for 1572.
The biography of Pierre de Larifey records: "In 1572, he accompanied François d'Amboise into Poland, on a diplomatic mission and would return the year later for the crowning of the Duke of Anjou (future king Henry III) elected King of Poland."
This seems to indicate, that he was close to Henry III. and to Louis Gonzaga, both with some suspicion to have promoted the Tarot game in France.
French text version at Tarocchi chapter "13th day, Fable 7":
Les facétieuses nuits de Straparole, Volume 2 (Livre numérique Google) Couverture Giovanni Francesco Straparola
by P. Jannet, 1857, presents the Tarot passage: ... 22&f=false

1572. The Nidwaldner Kirchengemeinde (Switzerland) allows 3 card games: "troggen, munteren, keysseren" (29 September 1572). Oldest known note of the Tarot game in Switzerland.
Nidwalden is rather far from France.
Schweizer Spielkarten (2004)
by Sturzenegger-Stiftung ... rch_anchor
further: IPSC-Journal 12/2, Peter F. Kopp: Das Tarockspiel in der Schweiz
Cause of the location (with some strong Catholicism and with the condition, that the papal Swiss guard developed from this region) there's the suspicion, that Nidwalden is the starting location of a Swiss Tarot development. Report to this suspicion: search.php?keywords=Schw%C3%A4bischer+R ... mit=Search

1573. Guevara. Taroz.
Les Epistres Dorees, Et Discovrs Salvtaires De Don Antoine de Gueuare, Euesque de Mondonedo, Prescheur & Croniqueur de l'Empereur Charles cinquiesme
Antonio ¬de Guevara, Jean ¬de Guterry
Ruelle, 1573 ... oz&f=false
see also 1578

1574: The future French king Henry III, who returns back from his position as King of Poland, visits Italy and Northern Italian cities, between these also Ferrara, which still fights to overcome the consequences of a big earthquake in 1570. The journey and the Italian visit might have triggered the high French interest in the Tarot game in France during the reign of Henry III.
Festival book: ... rFest=0033
Timeline Henry III:

1574. Mitistoire barragovyne de Fanfrelvche et Gaudichon ...
(anonymous) = by Guillaume Des Autels ... ts&f=false
1576 edition noted by wikipedia
1578. Lyon. Tarots (Guil. des Autels; MA 132) ... Ross ...

1578. Les Epistres Dorees, Et Discovrs Salvtaires De Don Antoine De Gvevarre, Euesque de Mondonedo, Prescheur & Croniqueur de l'Empereur Charles cinquiesme
by Antonio de Guevara , Jean de Guterry ... navlinks_s
other edition (1583): ... tz&f=false
Book with this title and the same mentioned authors appeared already 1556 called "first edition" (Antonio de Guevara was dead in 1548). ... ef_results

1577. Oeuvres diverses de LaFontaine, Band 12 ... Le Douzieme livre'dAmadis de Gaule ... tarots.
Printed in Lyon by Francois Didier ... ts&f=false

1578. Lyon. Tarots (Guil. des Autels; MA 132) ... Ross ...
???? (same book ? see 1574)

1579. Paris. Tarots (Ladurie; MA 132-3) ... Ross
Le Roy Ladurie "ha citato una deposizione in tribunale che accenna a un gioco di Tarocchi a cui presero parte due gentiluomini e che ebbe luogo in una locanda di Grenoble nell'anno 1579). ... Marcos
"A recently published book cites a court deposition which mentions a game of Tarot, in which two noblemen took part, played in an inn in Grenoble in 1579." Dummett 1980. ... rch_anchor
possibly (?) in this book:
LE ROY LADURIE, EMMANUEL,‎ ‎Carnival. A People's Uprising at Romans 1579-1580‎ (published 1980) ... edir_esc=y

1579. Saint-André (Toulouse). Tarots (Garrisson-Estè be (1980); MA 133) ... Ross
A complaint in Saint-Andre, near Tolosa. ... Marcos
According Ross in: Janine Garrisson-Estèbe, Protestants du Midi : 1559-1598 (Toulouse, 1980)
Description of the text: ... 2_0000_001
Research is in progress

1580. Recueil des plaisants devis récités par les supposts du seigneur de la Coquille
Jean-Baptiste Monfalcon
Edition from 1857 ... oc&f=false
Found by Bertrand ... "I found it in Charly Alverda's "trois figures hiéroglyphiques", himself quoting "les plaisants devis des suppôts du seigneur de la coquille", 1580
... with following discussion
The discussion proceeded at:

1581. Le cabinet du roy de France: dans lequel il y a trois Perles precieuses d'inestimable valeur ...
by Nicolas Barnaud ... ts&f=false

1581. Ordonnance du roy [Henri III], portant defense très expresse de transporter hors son royaume aucunes sortes de papier, cartes & tarots, ne drapeau à les faire sinon en payant le droict de traicte.... ... edir_esc=y
no preview

1581. Discours tres ample de la peste, diuisé en trois liures ...
by Nicolas de Nancel chez Denys du Val ... ts&f=false

1581. Registre Journal
by Pierre de L'Estoile
TARAUT (according Depaulis in IPCS, vol 32/5 p. 204 (2004))

1582. Giordano Bruno: Candelaio
described by Andrea Vitali: Giordano Bruno e i Tarocchi

1582-1603. "A Catelin Geofroy of Lyons is recorded as having worked as a cardmaker in Lyons between 1582-1603". ... rch_anchor

1583. Paris. Tarots (Tabourot; MA 133) ... Ross
Étienne Tabourot in Bigarrures mentioned a Tarots
A version of 1595 (volume 1) ... ot&f=false
Discussion at:
... with some following posts.

1583. Le Plaisir des champs (en vers)... par Cl. Gauchet Dampmartinois... ou est traicté de la chasse... (Sonnets de P. L'Escallay, J. Le Hericy)
by Claude Gauchet ... ot&f=false
see a two line note at p. 252
"Gauchet describes a company of people in wintertime passing the day indoors playing games, of which mentions three: flux, draughts and Tarot" (Dummett 1980)

1583. Paris. Tarotz (Henri III; MA 133-4) ... Ross
in: Recueil général des anciennes lois françaises: depuis l'an 420 jusqu'à la révolution de 1789 ... ts&f=false

1583. Traicté des peines et amendes, tant pour les matieres criminelles que ciuiles... par Iean Duret... Seconde édition... [Sonnets de P. Bugnyon et G. Bernard]
by Jean Duret (printer Benoist Rigaud, Lyon) ... tz&f=false
Worldcat: first edition in 1573 ... it's not clear, if it contains a note about Tarot ... ef_results

1585. Paris. Tarots (Perrache; MA 134) ... Ross
1585. Jacques Perrache. Le Triomphe du berlan. "Contiene due allusioni al gioco dei Tarocchi, una nella forma interesante 'sette tarocchi" in una lista di premi nei giochi di carte (I sette tarocchi sarebbero stati il XXI, il Bagatto, il Matto, e i quatro Re: il Germania il gioco dei Tarochi veniva chiamato talvolta il 'Siebenkönigsspiel' cioe, il gioco dei sette Re)" <----------- ....mmm.... It seem very interesting.
Google has no complete versions. Is the text somewhere?


discussed at viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1183#p19431

1587. Oeuvres du seigneur de Cholières: Les après-dinées
by Nicolas de Cholières, Damase Jouaust, Édouard Tricotel ... ux&f=false

1587. According a text of 1614/1651 (see 1651) king Henry III in 1587 raised taxes on cards (likely the taxes of 1583) with some side effects.

1588. Paris.
Bail à titre de ferme pour quatre années par la reine Louise de Lorraine-Vaudémont, représentée
par le comte Scipion de Fiesque, son chevalier d'honneur, Jean-Baptiste Troti, son maître d'hôtel,
François Lige, son premier secrétaire de commandement, et Denis Chereau, contrôleur général de
sa maison, à Marc Langlois, marchand bourgeois de Paris, des droits à prendre sur les
marchandises de dés, cartes et tarots, façonnés, fabriqués, vendus et débités, en gros ou en détail,
dans les généralités de Paris et Champagne, moyennant 500 écus sols par an.
14 mars 1588
https://www.siv.archives-nationales.cul ... _IR_042280

1588. The Nidwaldner Kirchengemeinde (Switzerland) repeats the allowance of 1572. The "Schantzspyll" (a game of luck) and playing at the night is forbidden.
Schweizer Spielkarten (2004)
by Sturzenegger-Stiftung ... rch_anchor

1592. London. Tarots (Delamothe; MA 134) ... Ross
(a bock publisher in England). "The French Alpabeth": con dialoghi bilingui, comprendeva la domanda: 'A che gioco volete giocare: Volete giocare alla Dama, ai Dadi, ai Tarocchi, agli Scachi...". ... Marcos

1593. Anthony Munday. The Defense of Contraries (tanslation of Estienne 1553: The sentence about "Tarault" is given ""the Italian Cardes, whereas they have a play or pastime called Tarault." Dummett 1980, p. 99)

1593. The Troggnspielis noted in Lucerne. Lucerne has 20 km distance to Nidwalden.
IPSC-Journal 12/2, Peter F. Kopp: Das Tarockspiel in der Schweiz

1594. Discours sur la réduction de la ville de Lyon à l'obéissance du Roy
by Antoine Du Verdier ... ot&f=false

1594. Statutes of the master cardmakers in Paris.
Dummett 1980 ... rch_anchor

1594 Election de Jean Guymier et de Jean Mérieulx l'aîné comme jurés-cartiers, au lieu de Pierre Marolle et Laurens Taupin, et réception de Martin Huillart (ou Villart, ou Villars), Jean Mérieu le jeune, Jean Dugriffon et Daniel Mérieu comme maîtres-cartiers. (Arch. Nat., Y 9306 bis.) 25 février 1594
discussed at viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1183&p=19437&hilit=1594#p19437

1594. Response De Pierre La Coignee A Vne Lettre escripte par Iean de la Souche à l'Autheur du discours faict sur la reduction de la ville de Lyon soubs l'obeissance du Roy:
Auec la coppie de ladicte lettre
by Antoine Du Verdier ... ot&f=false

1595. ?. Tarot (Le Poulchre; MA 134) ... Ross

1595. Tabourot (see 1583) TARAUT ... ut&f=false
1595. Tabourot. Tarot. ... ot&f=false

1596. Le supplement du catholicon, ou nouvelles des régions de la lune
s.n., 1596 ... navlinks_s

1599: Notes around Catelin Geoffroy in Lorraine
(see below) ... viewtopic.php?f=11&t=754&start=0
...... Huck at this thread page 1, post 1
Mémoires de la Société des sciences, lettres et arts de Nancy
By Société des sciences, lettres et arts de Nancy (1851)
... after the selected texts are others, which also relate to playing card history
Histoire des villes vieille et neuve de Nancy
By Jean Jacques Bouvier, also called Abbé Lionnais
This also reports about the Catelin Geoffroy notes from Lorraine, but the interesting part is, that this author takes it as necessary to explain his readers, what Tarot is. These cards, so the author, come from Allemands and Suisse. The book is from 1811, but it might have written earlier. A first publication of the author I found for 1767 (so the author might have been dead in 1811. He may have been contemporary to Gebelin, perhaps somebody finds better data. ... cy&f=false

1603/05. Basilicon doron, ou présent royal, instruction au prince Henry son fils pour bien régner
by James I (Roi d'Angleterre), Jean Hotman (sieur de Villiers Saint Paul) (1603/1605) ... ts&f=false ... h-king.jpg
This seems remarkable, as it is written by the English king James I for his son. James I anyway expressed the opinion, that he couldn't see the higher value of chess against card playing.

1604. Le soldat françois
Pierre de Lostal (1604) ... ts&f=false ... lostal.jpg

1604. Documents Historiques Inédits Tirés des Collections Manuscrites de la Bibliothèque Royale et des Archives ou des Bibliothèques des Départements, Volume 4
Jean-Jacques Champollion-Figeac (1848) ... lx&f=false
Two historical documents of 1604 with TARAULX

1604. Paris.
CARTIERS (les maîtres) jurés à Paris § Accord après procès entre les maîtres CARTIERS et Jean
GUYMIER, au sujet de la marque de l'Ecu de France et de Pologne avec 2 colonnes, à mettre sur
leurs cartes, tarots et Couvertures
5 août 1604
https://www.siv.archives-nationales.cul ... _IR_041646

1605. Paris.
LAFFEMAS (Barthélemy de) Valet de chambre ordinaire du R. Commis à la recette de l'imposition
sur les dés, cartes et tarots § Déclaration relative à l'office dont il est pourvu
23 avril 1605
https://www.siv.archives-nationales.cul ... _IR_041809

1605. Agrippa d'Aubigné in letter to Jean Ribit de la Rivière (1571-1605), before 1605
according Thierry Depaulis in IPCS, vol 32/5 p. 204 (2004) ... bign%C3%A9 ... vi%C3%A8re

1605. Histoire admirable des plantes et herbes esmerveillables et miraculeuses en nature... par M. Claude Duret..
by Claude Duret ... ts&f=false
I found this curious, why the game of Tarot appeared in a book about plants. I remembered, that some French playing cards had plants as motifs. Were there also Tarot cards with plants?
Bertrand notes: "basically it says that Spanish found the "Indians" used some leaves as paper, and that after the Spanish used said leaves to make playing cards, so Tarot is cited as an example of cards"

1606. Histoire maccaronique de Merlin Coccaie, prototype de Rablais (sic)... [Trad. de Folengo]
Teofilo Folengo
Chez Toussaincts Du Bray ... ot&f=false

1606 Le Cavalier de Savoye (par M. A. de Buttet). Ou Response au Soldat François. Plus, un Discours... servant d'Apologie contre les faussetez... du Caualier de Sauoye
by Claude-Louis de Buttet ... at&f=false
Mat, Monde& Bagat (by kwaw)

1606ff. Paris. Various notes, see viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1183&hilit=1594#p19418

1607. Oxford. ??? ERO-PAIDEIA (or Hero-paideia), Or The Institvtion of a Yovng Noble Man
James Cleland (1607) / text is currently not online
Quoted in Taylor: "History of Playing Cards" 1865 ... ux&f=false
"His Maiesties [King James I] permission of honest house games, as Cardes, French Cardes, called Taraux, Tables and such like plaies, is sufficient to protect you from the blame of those learned men, who thinke them hazards; as for myself, I thinke it great simplicitie and rusticitie in a nobleman to be ignorant of any of them, when he cometh into companie: yea I would wish you to be so perfit in them all, that you may not be deceived or cousened at play."

1608. L'Heureuse conversion des Huguenots, qui ont cogneu l'abus de la pretendue Religion... avec la saincte messe en françois (et en latin)... par Iacques d'Illaire...
Jacques d' Illaire, Couvent des Carmes déchaussés, Rigaud (1608) ... ts&f=false ... uenots.jpg
I wondered, what the Huguenots had to do with Tarot. ... Huck

1609. Oldest Tarot note in Geneva (prohibition)
Schweizer Spielkarten (2004)
by Sturzenegger-Stiftung ... rch_anchor ... rch_anchor
further: IPSC-Journal 12/2, (1983) Peter F. Kopp: Das Tarockspiel in der Schweiz
Further prohibition in Geneva in 1615 - 1617 - 1635. Geneva had after a war with Savoy and reached independence in the year 1603. The prohibitions of Tarot shall possibly defend against foreign political influence.

1609. Anticosme ou Adieu au monde sur le voyage faict par le Seigneur Cosmophile es grandes & puissantes villes de Philautie & Erothee accompaigné de son ami Theoric. II. Iournée par le Seigneur Philothee Duc de Psiché et Conte d'Eusevie (Le Jau)
by Jean-Paul Le Jau ... tz&f=false

1610. Satyre contre les charlatans et pseudomedecins empyriques. En laquelle sont amplement descouvertes les ruses & tromperies de tous theriacleurs, alchimistes, chimistes, paracelsistes, distillateurs extracteurs de quintescences, fondeurs d'or potable, maistres de l'elixir ... En laquelle d'ailleurs sont refuteés les erreurs, abus, et impie ́tez des iatromages, ou medecins magiciens ...
by Thomas Sonnet Courval ... tz&f=false

1610. Paris.
CARTIER faiseur de CARTES-TAROTS, cartons 'feullets' à Paris MAROSIAUD (Nicolas) et Sarah de GOUY, sa femme § Procuration de Nicolas MAROSIAUD ... 68c09c2cd7

1611. La Muse chasseresse, dédié à la Royne mère régente, par Guillaume Du Sable, l'un des plus anciens gentilhomme ["sic"] de la vénerie du Roy.
by Guillaume Du Sable
(quoted in 1655; see there) ... dblist=638

1611. Les Édicts et ordonnances des rois de France depuis Louis VI, dit le Gros, jusques à présent... par Antoine Fontanon,... et de nouveau reveuz... et augmentez... par Gabriel Michel,... [sieur de La Rochemaillet]
Michel de La Rochemaillet ... ot&f=false

1612. Harangue funèbre faicte et prononcée avec funérailles solennelles de l'empereur Rodolphe II, devant les Archiducs Albert et Isabella Clara Eugenia, infante d'Espagne, en leur chapelle royale à Bruxelles, l'onzième de mars l'an 1612
by Paul Boudot ... tz&f=false

1615. 1617. "Tarotz" and jouer au "Taraux prohibition" in Geneve.
Schweizer Spielkarten (2004)
by Sturzenegger-Stiftung ... edir_esc=y

1616. Opuscules françoises des Hotmans:
L'Antitribonnian, ou discours de ce grand et renommé jurisconsulte François Hotman, sur l'estude des loix
by Jean Hotman ... ts&f=false
The name Jean Hotman appeared also in the work of English King James I 1603/05

1617. Treize Livres des parlements de France, ès quels est amplement traité de leur origine et institution, et des présidents, conseillers, gens du roi, greffiers, secrétaires, huissiers et autres officiers
Bernard de La Roche-Flavin 1617 ... ts&f=false ... w-1566.jpg
This seems of special interests, as it somehow reports, that the French king Charles IX had prohibited Tarots (and some other game) at his court. But a closer research had the result, that the ordonnance of 1566 was against "hasard" and Tarot wasn't mentioned.
Compare research:

1619. Le franc-archer de la vraye Eglise: contre les abus et énormités de la fausse
Anthoine Fusi 1619 ... ts&f=false

1620. Spiel von St. Stanislaus (version of 2003) - Switzerland
by Johannes Mahler ... rch_anchor

1622. Paris. Tarots (Garasse; MA 135) ... Ross
... ... Huck at this thread page 5, post 45
Les recherches des Recherches & autres œuures de me Estienne Pasqvier
By François Garasse (1622) ... ts&f=false

1622-1623. Lyon. Tarotz (D'Allemagne II, 246) ... Ross
Increased playing cards tax in Lyon. Card producers leave the city for Switzerland and Besancon.
The game of Tarot: from Ferrara to Salt Lake City. Michael A. E. Dummett, Sylvia Mann (1980) ... rch_anchor

1623. Le verger des colloques recreatifs, comprins en douze chapitres, tres-propre, gentil, & utile, pour toutes sortes de gens, en langue Françoise & Italienne
Gomes de Trier (1623) ... ts&f=false

1626. Mercure françois: ou suite de l'histoire de nostre temps, sous le regne Auguste du tres-chrestien roy de France et de Navarre, Louys XIII, Volume 11
Jean Richer, Théophraste Renaudot
TARAUT ... ut&f=false
presented at

1626. (same text as 1626 above, but other book) TAROC ... oc&f=false

1628. Factum pour Nicolas de Montruit, marchand grossier privilégié suivant la cour, demandeur et complaignant, contre maître Jacques Le Duchat, fermier général de l'impôt des cartes, dés et tarots, défendeur et accusé, Laurent Morieux et Robert Passerel, maîtres cartiers à Paris, aussi défendeurs et accusés (1628) ... edir_esc=y
No preview
I was interested, as the name Passerel appeared in an juristic case.

1629. Les images ou tableaux de platte peinture des deux Philostrates ... et Les statues de Callistrate
by Flavius Philostratus ... oc&f=false

1637. Paris. Tarots (De Marolles) ... Ross
Anonymous rules of the Tarot game. Text given at ...
As author was identified: Marolles on the base his memoires in 1657.
The situation was discussed here:
The memoires version of 1755 ... ts&f=false
has two passages about Tarots at
P. 113 ... seems to relate to 1637 and some exchange with the Gonzaga princess of Neves-Rethel (later queen of Poland)
P. 190 ... seems to relate to 1633 and his father, who loved to play Tarot

1642. Instruction du prince chrestien
by André Rivet ... eu&f=false

1644. Les contes aux heures perdues: Contenant Plusieurs Naifuetez, Simplicitez, Equiuoques ... qui ont esté oubliées au premier et deuxiesme Volume, Volume 3
Antoine Le Metel D'Ouville (1644) ... ts&f=false ... iville.jpg

1649. La Sage Folie Fontaine d'allegresse, Mere de plaisir, et Royne des belles humeurs. Livre premier... Livre troisiesme. [Ep. déd. à Pierre Scarron par J. Marcel. Vers fr. par A. Gaudin et lat. par Royerius]
by Antonio Maria Spelta, Marcel ... ts&f=false

1650. Lyon. Taros (D'Allemagne II, 258) ... Ross

1651. Recueil très-exact ... de tout ce qui s'est fait ... en l'assemblée generale des estats, tenus à Paris ... 1614
Florimond Rapine (1651) ... ts&f=false
Just a later edition of an earlier text. Something happened with king Henry III in 1587. Somehow Tarots seem to have played a (minor ?) role.

1653. Rabelais translation to English - 5th book (1653) ... ts&f=false
Rabelais, just nice with some pictures.

1655: The physician of Louis XIV, Pierre Borel, dictionary, often reprinted

THARAUTS ... ds&f=false

1656: Memoires, divisez en trois parties
by Michel de abbe de Villeloin Marolles ... ts&f=false
Marolles Tarot Ballett, presented and discussed at ...

1659. Paris. Taros (Maison Academique des Jeux) ... Ross
(Material to versions 1659, 1654, 1702)

1660. A deck of 1977 in the WWPCM claims to be based on an edition of 1660 by Jacques Vievil

c. 1660. The Minchiate Francesi by Francois Poilly is given to this date.
Report at ... viewtopic.php?f=11&t=782

1660. Lexicon Tetraglotton, an English-French-Italian-Spanish Dictionary:
Whereunto is Adjoined a Large Nomenclature of the Proper Terms (in All the Four) Belonging to Several Arts and Sciences, to Recreations, to Professions Both Liberal and Mechanick, &c. Divided Into Fiftie Two Sections; with Another Volume of the Choicest Proverbs in All the Said Toungs, (consisting of Divers Compleat Tomes)
by James Howell ... &q&f=false
4 pages about international game expressions

1660/1664 La chorographie ou description de Provence, et l'histoire chronologique du même pays
Honoré Bouche, C. David, 1664 ... the passage reports the year 1660 ... ts&f=false
This might have influenced the situation of Marseille.

1661. Déclaration touchant la fabrication des cartes à jouer, tarots et dés.
France, Louis XIV (roi de France)(1661) ... edir_esc=y
no preview

1662. Les Bigarrures et Touches du Seigneur des Accords
by Étienne Tabourot (late edition)
TARAUT ... ut&f=false

1672. Date of the Chosson deck (Tarot des Marseilles). Not all researchers agree, that the cards are so early.

1675. Tesoro de las dos lenguas española y francesa:
Corregido Y Avmentado De Infinidad de omissiones, Adiciones, y Vocablos; con sus Generos, y un Vocabulario de Xerigonça, y de las principales Ciudades, Villas ...
César Oudin ... ut&f=false


1677. Nouveau dictionnaire françois-italien et italien-françois
chez Jean Herman Widerhold (1677)
Image ... ut&f=false

1690. Dictionnaire universel, contenant généralement tous les mots françois tant vieux que modernes et les termes de toutes les sciences et des arts, Volume 3
by Antoine Furetière ... ds&f=false

1694. Dictionnaire de l'académie françoise
Académie française
Coignard, 1694 ... au&f=false

1697. Jugement et observations sur la vie et les oeuvres de François Rabelais
by Jean Bernier ... eu&f=false
TAROSTS, TAROT, TARAU, "Jeu de Suisse"

1698. Explication des statuts, coutumes et usages observés dans la province de Bresse, Bugey, Valromay et Gex... par M. Philibert Collet. [avec des extraits de trois lettres du P. Ménestrier]
by Chapitre de la cathédrale Saint-Jean, Philibert Collet, Carteron, Chapitre cathédral ... eu&f=false
TAROT is played in "France, Italie et Espagne"

Possibly 1710 and later - Tarot games in Strasbourg with favor for the Tarot Besancon type
(in discussion at:
mainly Post 4)

1781. Mélanges tirés d'une grande bibliothèque
Marc Antoine René de Voyer de Paulmy d' Argenson
(about the 22th chapter of Gargantua I)
TARAUT comes from Italy ... ut&f=false

Re: Collection French Tarot dates 1500-1700

Some of your new additions, a lot perhaps, do not refer to the game of Tarot at all, but rather to persons and place names.

I just happened upon this one, for instance
1582. L'Histoire de France, enrichie des plus notables occurrences survenues ez provinces de l'Europe et pays voisins... depuis l'an 1550 jusques à ces temps
by Henri Lancelot-Voisin de La Popelinière- ... ts&f=false

"Tarot" is a place here, not the card game at all.

Your list runs the risk of becoming a messy hodge-podge of irrelevant data.

Re: Collection French Tarot dates 1500-1700

Ross G. R. Caldwell wrote: "Tarot" is a place here, not the card game at all.

Your list runs the risk of becoming a messy hodge-podge of irrelevant data.
... :-) ... I hope, it isn't that wild ... actually I thought I'd put this one out. But now it has really disappeared.

And it's better I've one too much than a good one missing. Surely there are readers, who read French better than me. It's a running project with improvisation.

This one is nice: ... tz&f=false
(just found)

Re: Collection French Tarot dates 1500-1700

Huck wrote:
Ross G. R. Caldwell wrote: "Tarot" is a place here, not the card game at all.

Your list runs the risk of becoming a messy hodge-podge of irrelevant data.
... :-) ... I hope, it isn't that wild ... actually I thought I'd put this one out. But now it has really disappeared.

And it's better I've one too much than a good one missing. Surely there are readers, who read French better than me. It's a running project with improvisation.
Sure. Perhaps it's better, when you find them, to put the quote or image up, so it can be seen immediately. Or at least put ones you are not sure of, or completely new, in a different colour so we can know at a glance what needs checking.

Re: Collection French Tarot dates 1500-1700

Here is the note from Dummett, Il Mondo e l'Angelo, p. 133 and note 44 (my translation):

"In the same year [1579], a Protestant consistory in Saint-André, near Toulouse, denounced some soldiers for having played Tarot.

(Note 44) See Janine Garrisson-Estèbe, Protestants du Midi : 1559-1598 (Toulouse, 1980), p. 314 note 82: the soldiers were denounced for 'tarots et jeux dans la maison du capitaine Pierre Jehan.' [Tarot and games in the house of Captain Pierre Jehan] Protestant ministers were against all games."

Re: Collection French Tarot dates 1500-1700

Huck wrote:1505. Avignon. Taraux (anonymous account-keeper; Chobaut, Depaulis) ... Ross
Avignon is at this time not part of France.
About relevant data or not, it should also be noted that although a part of the Papal states, Avignon was entirely included within France borders, hence anything coming in or from Avignon would have been present in France at some point - so I don't really see the point of this precision.


Re: Collection French Tarot dates 1500-1700

Bertrand wrote:Hello,
Huck wrote:1505. Avignon. Taraux (anonymous account-keeper; Chobaut, Depaulis) ... Ross
Avignon is at this time not part of France.
About relevant data or not, it should also be noted that although a part of the Papal states, Avignon was entirely included within France borders, hence anything coming in or from Avignon would have been present in France at some point - so I don't really see the point of this precision.

Provence became France in 1481 ... I think, it wasn't so clear in 1505, that this state would endure more than 500 years in the year 1505. The situation was so, that cardinal Giulio Rovere was regent in Avignon ... since maybe 1474/75 or something like this. He had serious trouble with the pope Alexander VI short after 1492 and was a driving force for the attack of Charles VIII on Naples and Italy. And later for the attack on Milan in 1499. Giulio Rovere became Pope Julius in 1503, and he had an alliance with France. Surely he had then a new cardinal in Avignon, but likely he still had a lot of influence there in 1505. In Giulio's time as cardinal the playing card production in Avignon flourished. When he left, there occurred cases of bankrupt in Avignon, especially, when Julius decided to attack the French army in Italy in 1510. This had a natural political logic.
Would you say, that these decks in 1505 were French decks imported to Piedmont/Italy in 1505? And all the decks produced in Milan in 1505 were all also French decks, cause France had occupied Milan, and naturally it was considered, that this would be so also for 500 years?

The frontiers were floating.
And the French hadn't an interest in Tarot, cause it used an Emperor, and the Emperor was not a French king.

Re: Collection French Tarot dates 1500-1700

Damn your imagination should take some rest !
Huck wrote:Would you say, that these decks in 1505 were French decks imported to Piedmont/Italy in 1505? And all the decks produced in Milan in 1505 were all also French decks, cause France had occupied Milan, and naturally it was considered, that this would be so also for 500 years?
Not at all, and I'm having hard times figuring how you came to this delirious proposition so I won't try any harder.

I simply meant what I wrote : that Avignon, although part of the Papal States, was entirely within France borders, because I don't see the point in adding this to the chronology except if you mean to imply something about tarot circulation which then would need to be precise about Avignon location at the time ; so maybe, MAYBE, you should simply get rid of the "Avignon wasn't part of France" because anyone who has a serious interest in Tarot is normally aware of that - maybe you found out recently and were so amazed that you thought it was worth mentionning.
Or maybe you should continue doing this how you fancy, which will eventually lead to a huge unreadable list full of irrelevant data mixed with your extremely personal opinions like
the French hadn't an interest in Tarot, cause it used an Emperor, and the Emperor was not a French king.

I'll be fine either way


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