Urbino playing cards begin 17th century

A Dr Giuliano Donino found some playing cards c. 1975 "amongst a heap of rubble thrown out by the stonemasons working at the Palazzo Ducale" in Urbino. A friend of Dr Donino, Prof. Mariani, told this to Alberto Milano, playing card researcher, and Mr. Milano inspected the finding. Alberto Milano published an article in IPCS 25/6, p. 207.
The part of the palazzo, at which the stone workers worked (near the appartement of the duchess), had been made begin of 17th century. There were also "leather, colour-fabricated shoes" and "peaces of wooden comb" and "small leather-covered balls, such as could be used in a game" near the playing cards.
Totally there are 11 fragments of cards, and 5 of them were complete at back and face: Bastoni 2 and 6, 3 of coppe, 3 of spade and an Ace of denari. Three of the backs are identical.


Back of card


Backs of cards


Faces of cards

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