Hypothesis about the Origin of the Aces by Andrea Vitali

:) The Origin of the Aces.
A suggestive hypothesis about the origin of the suits of the pip cards.

In Italian version with many pictures: http://www.letarot.it/page.aspx?id=283&lng=ITA

In Roman coinage you find coins called Aes with symbols of swords, batons, cups and the symbol of the sun. Symbols of the sun are printed in many Italian decks such as in Piacenza cards.

The Aes were made in the early history of Rome, but were also diffused during the imperial period. Some Aes have also been found in the Middle East.

It is possible to assume that the symbols of the Aes have suggested the symbols of the suits of pip cards and that the cards with these symbols are returned to Italy and Europe from the Middle East

Among other things, the word Ace derives from the Latin As / Aes , the name of these coins.
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