Vitali s article addemdum : Trionfi, Trionfini e Trionfetti

Andrea Vitali has inserted an Addendum to his article Trionfi, Trionfini e Trionfetti (at the moment only in Italian version)

He has held a discussion over the works of three Spanish authors who speak on the game of triumphs:

Menosprecio de la Corte y alabanza de la Aldea (1539) by Don Antonio de Guevara

Tesoro de la lengua castellana o española (1611) by D. Sebastián de Covarrùbias Orozco

Plaza Universal (1615) by Cristóval Suárez de Figueroa

Vitali also mentioned a passage from the diary of Cardinal Ernst Adalbert von Harrach (1598-1667) where the game of Triumphs is played with a variant of German derivation and an Eclogue by Giambattista Basile (1566-1632), which present a "forced" variant.

Vitali concludes his Addendum with the text In Pragmaticae, Edicta, Decreta, Interdicta, Regiaeque Sanctiones Regni Neapolitani that contains documents from 1568 to 1766. The chapter De Aleatoribus, et Lusoribus contains a big list of games permitted (including Triumphs) and prohibited in the Kingdom of Naples. ... Biographie

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