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Some time ago I wrote this, which was overlooked, though I marked it with "red" ... :-) ... or at least I didn't got any resonance.
!!!!!!! Possibly a new find? 2 Links for the same production in 1538

1. ... =standard&

p. 344 .... see "Tarot"

32 1 53. A « don Juan d'Alman » , gentilhomme espagnol . inventeur de
plusieurs jeux de cartes subtils dont il donne souvent récréation au roi,
225 livres pour sa pension et entretien à la cour durant six mois, com-
mençant le 1"' janvier prochain, ... d_djvu.txt

It's not at the list of Ross at

Well, the report 2. doesn't mention Tarot, perhaps there's some suspicion necessary, if it really contains "Tarot"
Now I found in an analyzing text of Gargantua the French suspicion, that the whole Gargantua story was a sort of funny allegory on French king Francois I. and at other place I find, that Rabelais (with a "tarau" in his list of games) had been just 1538 near to the French king Francois I ...
In May 1537 Rabelais was awarded the doctorate of medicine of Montpellier; and he delivered, with considerable success, a course of lectures on Hippocrates’ Prognostics. He was at Aigues-Mortes in July 1538 when Charles V met the French king Francis I, but his movements are obscure until he followed Guillaume du Bellay to the Piedmont in 1542. ... s-Rabelais

"Notes sur les Espagnols en France depuis le XVIe siècle jusqu'au règne de Louis XIII", page 344 (1914), by Jules Mathorez in Bulletin Hispanique
Biography author:

Quote from ... 1=standard&
page 344
Libertas Cornelis connut aussi les générosités du roi. Parmi les personnages de moindre envergure figure à la cour de Francois I Jean d'Alman, qui distrait le roi en jouant aux cartes avec lui et, "comme il es très subtil dans l'art de manier les tarots," il recoit, en 1538, 225 livres de recompense (1).

Footnote 1: "Catalogue des actes de Francois I". Voir à tous les noms cités.
"Libertas Cornelis" is negative at google.

"Jean d'Alman" leads to the "Catalogue des actes de Francois I", p. 267 (see the footnote above)... the text is online: ... 8acad.djvu

According the headline at p. 265 ...

{Arch. nat., J. 963 (14 ?), no. 42, anc. J. 961, no. 25i.)
[Octobre 1538.]
Mandements aux trésorier de l'épargne et autres comptables de payer:

... the money was paid in October 1538

In the search for the unknown "Libertas Cornelis", about which the web says nothing and who above seems to have said something about Tarot cards, I found this passage (in the same catalogue des actes de Francois I):
29618. A Claude Dodieu, s' d'Espercicu. pour un voyage en diligence, au mois de janvier dernier, d'Aigues-Mortes à Barcelonne en Espagne, òu le roi l'envoy accompagner le docteur Cornely, touchant la ratification de la dernière treve, et pour son retours a Moulins
33- livres 10 sous.
Claude Dodieu is known ... a diplomat of some importance
... from his life this seems relevant:
Il signe la trêve de Monçon le 16 novembre 1537 mettant fin à la huitième guerre d’Italie.

Il organise les 14 et 15 juillet 1538 la rencontre entre François Ier et Charles Quint à Aigues-Mortes.
Moncon is likely Monzon, Spain, 200 km West of Barcelona. ... 57&t=h&z=8

At page 500 in the above noted catalog one can check the stays of Francois I during the year 1538. He was from 8th of July - 17th July either in Vauvert (rather near to Aigues-Mortes) or in Aigues-Mortes.
It seems plausible, that the above mentioned "docteur Cornely" (possibly alias "Libertas Cornelis"), who had participated in the diplomatic activities, was then also in Aigues-Mortes and possibly could report about a Tarot card production at this opportunity (well, where he reported it - if he REALLY was this Libertas Cornelis - that is still a question).
Also naturally seems the commission from Francois I to a Spanish artist Juan d'Alman just at this opportunity (French and Spanish monarch meet) ... that the money was paid 3 months later, mustn't be a contradiction.

The diplomat Claude Dodieu spend time in Florence:
Il est envoyé en ambassade en 1527-1528 à Florence.
Possibly he worked early on the marriage of Catherina de Medici with the French dauphin, which realized then in 1533. At least his longer stay in Italy should guarantee, that he knew about Tarot cards.

Later Dodieu didn't miss this opportunity:
Il assiste en 1549 au couronnement de Catherine de Médicis en l'Abbaye de Saint-Denis.

The painter:
"Juan d'Alman" appears nowhere else
neither a "Pedro d'Alman" for instance ...
A Spanish location Alman is missing

Perhaps a Juan de Alemania would be more promising ... but I find none, who is contemporary or who would fit the other conditions.

Political situation:
Francois had attempted a new war after the death of Francesco Sforza II (1535). He advanced successful towards Turin, but couldn't take Milan. In the counter attack Charles V. attacked Provence, but feared to attack the strong fortified Avignon.
Part of the war operations was, that a French ambassador had taken contact to the Osmans, and that the Osmans coordinated their activities with the French.

Ialian wars 1536-38 ... %80%931538

Jean de la Foret as diplomat in Istambul

Interestingly Jean de la Foret was accompanied by Guilleaume Postel, who served as translator.

Finish of the Sforza reign

It's somhow rather symbolic, that the end of the Sforza reign was manifested with a Tarot-Trionfi-game.


I've considered for some moments, that Rabelais might have had direct influence on the production of 1538.
But considering all circumstances ... it's not surprising, that the "king meets Rabelais" in 1538, a lot of people are then at this location, a great festivity. Rabelais as the intimate secretary of a French cardinal is important enough to be also there.
And it is not accident, that at this opportunity Tarot or Trionfi cards were produced ... it's a great opportunity.


Rabelais edition 1537

Re: Rules 1637 ... French readers desired

I've to revive this ...

Notes sur les Espagnols en France depuis le XVIe siècle jusqu'au règne de Louis XIII

Image ... 1=standard&
p. 344


Collection des ordonnances des rois de France : Catalogue des actes de François 1er

Image ... 8acad.djvu
p. 267 ... this one is given to the rubric "October 1538"


p. 303 ... this one is given to the rubric "December 1538"

Collection des ordonnances des rois de France: Mentions d'actes non datés. Itinéraire. 3. Suppl. Add. et corr. t. 9. Ambassades et missions. List des principaux officers royaux. Table alphabetique A-D. t. 10. Table alphabetique E-Z


Image ... CCwQ6AEwAA


An opinion in a magician-forum ...
"In 1517 King Francois I (an amateur conjurer himself) invites the famed Spainish card magician Juan de Alman to court." ... &forum=242

True or just error, based on the 1538 document? In Blois (a favored place for Francois I) is a Maison de la magique ...


"Juan de Alman" is the name of a Spanish armorer, who lived around 1550.

Re: Rules 1637 ... French readers desired

The Juan d'Alman problem was solved yesterday ...
... once I detected this ...

Image ... earch/juan

I took Juan d'Alman as a possible playing card producer ... nobody reacted on it.

Now I find the following work (written 2015) ...



from ... ol_10_no_1

An excellent research, but ... as it seems, that man is perhaps in our interests not of relevance.

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