Banners and Gonfalons

I have been looking into Confraternities and their Banners and Gonfalons and came across this one.
I think I may have seen it before.
O'Neil wrote an article about the possible connection between these 'youth' organisations and their Gonfalons for processions. I find the idea interesting. Many of the Gonfalons are hiding in plain sight as altarpieces, they have one thing in common with the Visconti Cards; they have a small hole in the top middle for attachment to the walking poles for the processions. Weird connection right? But here is small or miniature Gonfalons for display. They are modern ones or reproduction ones. ... ns.jpg&img

Here is also a picture I am looking for because it has Saint Anthony with an Hourglass rather than a lantern. ... J._007.jpg

I think the banner must be in the Museum of Borgogna as well but I cannot find it to find out some dates for the banner.
Any help about the date of the banner would be great.
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