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The order of geomantic figures in Le risposte della signora Leonora Bianca: dove ingeniosissimamente et con mirabil arte, si pronostica, & risponde à diverse & molte curiose dimande & richieste, circa le cose future, write by Bianca Leonora, publish in Venezia by Francesco Rampazetto in 1565. ... A&7,7,,1,0

Its the same that Pietro d’Abano
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When a man has a theory // Can’t keep his mind on nothing else (By Ross)

Re: collection Geomancy

Fasciculus Geomanticus in quo Varia Varirorum Opera Geomantica, Verona 1687 (Robert Fludd) ... 341690.pdf


Geomantica - Künstlicher und rechtschaffender Gebrauch de alten kleynen Geomancey ... (1533)


Ian de La Taille de Bondaroy 1573: La Geomance ... 224724.pdf


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