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28 Famous man / Montefeltro - Urbino

Posted: 05 Apr 2010, 10:40
by Huck
28 Famous Men at the Montefeltro studiolo in Urbino

Euclid - Vittorino da Feltre - Solon - Bartolo
Pope Pius - Bessarion - Albertus Magnus - Pope Sixtus

Cicero - Seneca - Homer - Virgil
Moses - Solomon - Thomas of Aquin - Duns Scotus

Plato - Aristotle - Ptolemy - Boethius
Pope Gregory - St. Jerome - St. Ambrosius - St Augustinus

Hippocrates - Pietro Abano
Dante - Petrarca

see article ... no&f=false

The sorting of the pictures is not original, but "discussed".

"the lower row are portraits of figures connected with religious life, the upper row pagan or humanist"

I've doubts, if this is the genius solution for a reconstruction of the original state.

... not all pictures found, but missing are noted in the wall pictures


SOUTH - collection of 8 with "Bartolo" - whoever this is

EAST - collection of 8 with Duns "Scotus", "Solomon", "Moses" and "Homer"

NORTH - collection of 8 with "St. Gregory", "Ambrosius" and "Boethius"

WEST - collection of 4 with "Hippocrates"[/largeimg]



St. Augustin

Pope Pius II.



Peter of Abano


Vittorino da Feltre

Thomas of Aquin

Hieronymus (Jerome)



Pope Sixtus IV


Albertus Magnus





Re: 28 Famous man / Montefeltro - Urbino

Posted: 18 Apr 2010, 06:27
by mikeh
Beautiful job posting these portraits.

Pietro d'Abano was condemned by the Inquisition and burned in effigy, for heresy and perhaps other things, like trafficking with the devil and possessing the philosopher's stone. Ficino considered him a marvelous physician, but then his idea of a good physician was one who used amulets to bring down the power of the stars. I related him to the Pope card in "Bianca's Garden" a few days ago. I guess Ficino wasn't his only fan in the 15th century. And old Frederigo wasn't as orthodox as the rest of the list would suggest.

Vittorino da Feltre was Federigo's tutor. I don't know Bartolo either.