Re: c. 1745 English Cartomancy & Cold Reading

Thank you for sharing this Jess, it's fascinating.

I love some of the words she uses, "Fopperies", and better yet, "Coffee-throwers"!!!

And what a wise summation: "How ready we are to believe what we eagerly desire!"

Or this:
"How many animosities have the idle stories told this way, formented among families! -- What jealousies between married people, -- the most innocent actions are misconstrued, the best friends suspected, if once imagination presents the figure of a snake or cat among the grounds of the coffee! -- How monstrous is this to reason, and even commons sense! Too low, indeed, for any long animadversion, and it must pass among the number of those other fireign follies, which, of late years, have been transplanted into England."

Those damned French occultists again? @-)
The Tarot will lose all its vitality for one who allows himself to be side-tracked by its pedantry. - Aleister Crowley

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