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They discuss already the best offensive soccer shoes ... see ..

Indeed ... Bentivoglio in 1480 organized a soccer game. Around 50 against 50 or so. Somehow more like rugby and it was dangerous.
1480: Giovanni II Bentivoglio berichtet von der Einführung des Calcio-Spiels in Bologna und von einer Geldprämie an die Spieler für ein erzieltes Tor. ... gemein.htm
no joke ... as you know, I don't make jokes ...


cadla in the brandy talk wrote:Good heavens, Huck made a joke!!!
Players, which kicked a goal, got some money. ... professional football. In the case you don't know, who Bentivoglio had been, these family is intensively discussed of having invented Tarocchi not far from here, indeed here ...


Do you understand, what this means ? ... this picture is a forgery:


... this is the true origin:


Very simple, more goals, more money. This was, what Bentivoglio said and meant. Actually the word Tarot, which developed late in the history of cards, was originally a misspelling of "Toooooor ..... ", which is a German slang expression of "goooooaaaalll ..."

The Tarot cards were rather similar to these American baseball cards ... just heroes of the most preferred port.

And this had been the keeper:


Well, the rules were different then. He wasn't allowed to use his hands, the game was named "football".

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