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Okey doke, it's working fine for me now. The Search box stays at the very top of the page. I tried it in both Reduced and Enlarged format and they both work for me. I should think it will be okay for others too.

Thanks Huck. Browser compatibility is a nightmare for web designers still I guess.

Re: News and Updates

A new Tarot book arrived .. somehow before the official publication (at least as it seems), I've no price and not how to get it, but I think, this will come soon.

Il Castello de Tarocchi ... a cura di Andrea Vitali

With texts of Giordano Berti, Alain Bougearel, Franco Cardini, Ross Sinclair Caldwell, Thierry Depaulis, Gerardo Lonardoni, Alberto Milano, Giovanni Tesio, Bepi Vigna, Girolamo Zorli, Andrea Vitali, Lothar Teikemeier

222 pages, DinA 4, year 2010, Lo Scarabeo, Italy ... Italian language, many pictures

"Tarocchi e Neopitagorismo" ...that's from Alain Bougearel
Ross writes about "Origine della Cartomanzia"
One chapter is named "In Origine erano 14 Trionfi" ...

The pictures took so much place ... .-)


... again this soccer-ball ... .-)

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