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Well, this is indeed interesting ...

Il giocatore (2015)
di Salvo Bonaccorsi
I Tarocchi di Castello Ursino: un segreto da svelare sulle tracce dei Tarocchi Siciliani ... gioco.html

The article presents the cards of Ursino, mainly. and a woodblock for Tarocchi (once a topic for myself) and links to an article of Franco Pratesi in this context. Then he has an interesting picture arrangement.

I hope, you recognize the Tarocchi card with Atlas.

Castello di Donnafugato at Google maps: ... 14.5641885

He has a link to a youtube-movie (a rather old movie), which the old Castello Ursino and at the end also the Tarocchi.

Jean Gaudais (active c. 1860 or 1875-1781 in Paris)

Jean Gaudais

I stumbled about the name seeing a deck in British library ...

Incomplete pack with 51 of 52 astrological playing-cards for cartomancy, plus 2 extra cards
Hand-coloured lithograph
Backs printed with a pattern of winged insects in blue
Circa 1820

Producer name
Published by: J Gaudais biography
School: style French
Date: 1820 (circa)

Production place:
Published in: Paris(Europe,France,Ile-de-France (département),Paris)

The gentleman on one of the extra cards is shown with a tablet bearing "Paris J. Gaudais".
Curator's comments: Each card has at the top a horoscope with a miniature playing-card on the left and a letter of the alphabet on the right, in the centre a mythological or fanciful subject, and at the bottom various groups and devices. On the two extra cards are figures of the fortune-tellers, one a lady, the other a gentleman in fancy dress.
I thought, that 1820 is too early for this. I looked the name up:

The name is missing in DDD. But at Aeclectic it's well known. It's said, that the deck is from 1860. ... 14006.html
... has the deck (or another ?) for 895 Euro, it's called Grand Jeu Mademoiselle Lenormand
(Grand Jeu de Société et Pratiques Secrètes de Mlle Lenormand)

According WWPCM Gaubais made also a Tarot in the order of the Besancon Tarot (with Juno and Jupiter):


card 2


card 3


card 4


card 5


card 19

... possibly this ... ... ncien.html


Likely somebody made a reproduction in the last 20 years. Yes, indeed, Fournier made it ... ... 1720160187

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Good find!

BtW, the "blond hair" is an important detail studied and debated in many active threads .
Hypothesis ; the one on the top of the Orange Man skull who is blocked by Justice could come from "finastéride" they say in medical reviews...
NB The use of this drug is dangerous because of a possible known secondary effect : development of "obscessionnal thoughts"...

Speculation or "Alternative fact?"

References ; about alternative facts and fake news
Article on Le Monde - Sciences February 6 ... eIfl5Wv.99
LE MONDE SCIENCE ET TECHNO | 06.02.2017 à 15h01 | Par Pierre Barthélémy
En savoir plus sur ... KjwMwfv.99

The article in Le Monde refers to :


Article in English January 24 in 4 pages ... ... tive-Facts #:-s
Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis utilizing the theory of Alternative Facts
by David Johnston

Open topic! ... Biographie

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