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Student's protests


... so it still grows, jumping slowly to countries with other languages than German.

In Italy - according this article ... ... cken/18045

... - had been demonstrations in Rome, Milan, Torino, Florence, Palermo and Naples. 6 students were hurted during one activity in Milan.
Berlusconi threatens to use the police and gets strong critics from other parties.

In Austria the major line of the protests has a broad base and it's often called a "Bewegung" (movement), which shall be understood as a broad social reform not limited to students interests. The general population often gives sign of soladarity. The younger German protest action mostly is limited to concrete student interests, though meanwhile also elder pupils participate and protest against recent unlucky school reforms. Some actions of police and of the local Rektorate are less relaxed than in Austria.

Tarot cards 17th century - picture

Christie auction

Lot Description

Attributed to Sébastien Bonnecroy (French, 17th Century)
Vanitas: A skull, a violin, an upturned tazza, books, tarot cards, a fob watch, a clay pipe, a taper, and a pouch of tobacco on a pewter plate, on a wooden table draped with a rug
oil on canvas
33 x 29½ in. (83.7 x 75 cm.)



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Cabinet d'un Amateur Européen
9 December 2009
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#37 becomes literature ...

The Tarot Box
By Juliet Sharman-Burke ... 22&f=false

Tarot 101: Mastering the Art of Reading the Cards
By Kim Huggens ... 22&f=false

Tarocchi: Introducing the Card Games for Tarot
By Philebus ... 22&f=false

Das Paradigma der Landschaft in Moderne und Postmoderne
By Manfred Schmeling, Monika Schmitz-Emans ... 22&f=false

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When a man has a theory // Can’t keep his mind on nothing else (By Ross)

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