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New book:
Franco Pratesi: Playing-Card Production in Florence (2018), 151 pages, 20 Euro, ISBN 978-88-27824-79-5 ... some pictures to playing cards unknown to me are included, from the Crippa collection, Milan

Franco writes in the introduction ...
"A large part of the content of this book has first appeared in 2013, as individual notes in the web pages of ..."
The material, that Franco presented in 2013, was very much (let's call it gigantic) and was dedicated mainly to the development of Minchiate through the centuries. This new book seems to present an overview for the material by giving references to the links of the webpages, it doesn't focus Minchiate, but playing cards generally (Minchiate is included). Some new material, which I don't recognize, seems to be inserted.
Well, I got the book yesterday and had not much time with it.

1. Florentine Cardmakers and Concession holders (1477-1751)
2. 1775-87: Playing Card Production in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany
3. 1791: Production and Sale of Playing Cards in Tuscany
4. 1801-07: Playing Card Production in the Etruria Kingdom
5. 1815-1861: The Production of Playing Cards in Tuscany
6. 1814-1862: Additional Evidence on Card Production in Tuscany
7. 1821-1829 Minchiate by Giuseppe Berretari
8. 1839-1841: Florentine Playing Card Production
9. Control on Playing Cards in Florence Around 1880
10. Data on Three Factories in the End of the 19th Century

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