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It is in fact from Milan on 3 May, John Palaeologus to the doge of Venice, Francesco Foscari. And in Latin, so easier for us. ... IIp353.jpg

He must have stayed in Milan overnight, and not Pavia, because on the next page there is a letter to the legate and cardinal of Bologna (not named) on 4 May. ... IIp354.jpg

It seems implausible that he would go to Pavia, then to Milan again. Perhaps the prepared room was for the night of the 4th, not the 3rd.

Re: What are the documents for Marziano's dates?

Here is Sabbadini 1931 cited by Gill for the date of 9 February in Milan. I think he is misreading Sabbadini, who says Palaeologus was in Verona on 21 February. It looks like he left Venice on 9 February [my correction later to 12 February, see below], and was welcomed by Guarino in Verona on 21 February. ... 1931p8.jpg ... 609509.pdf

That is Aurispa to Traversari, writing from Venice on "III idus februrarias." The ides of February is 13 February, so iii idus februarias is 11 february. Assuming Aurispa was always with the emperor, both were still in Venice on 11 February. How long would it take to reach Verona?

Yes, he says "Graecorum rex cras hinc discedet ut Mediolanum eat et nos una secum." "The King of the Greeks will leave from here tomorrow to go to Milan and me with him." Thus they left on 12 February.

In any case, there does not seem to have been a visit to Milan in February 1424.

Normal count and Roman months compared - ... 22&f=false

Re: What are the documents for Marziano's dates?

If it took the imperial entourage 9 nights to reach Verona from Venice (nights of 12 to 20 February), and the left Verona on 22 February to get to Milan (per Sabbadini's note), then it should have taken them almost two weeks to reach Milan. But he was only in Lodi on 17 March, so he took a longer way.

Yes, Gill's statement that he left Milan on 9 February is a misprint for Venice, and the date is wrong. This mistake made it into Setton.

Re: What are the documents for Marziano's dates?

I don't get the younger Regesten, but found some older by a work of 1841. According this Sigismund was 5th of August in Ofen and in Totes (at least) since 15th of August.
The visit of the Eastern emperor is not dated. The author assumes, that the emperor is the father of John VIII, Manuel. This should be an error.

Geschichte Kaiser Sigmundʼs von Joseph Aschbach: Die Zeit des Hussitenkrieges bis auf die Eröffnung des Basler Conciliums, Band 3
Joseph Aschbach
F. Perthes, 1841 - 486 Seiten ... is&f=false

pages 194/195 (with error about Manuel)

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