Re: What are the documents for Marziano's dates?

I added this to the above after you already replied about asking Thierry, so in case you didn't see this:
I cannot even find our author to bug her for the relevant details - but there is already a festshrift out there for her: Studi in onore di Maria Grazia Albertini Ottolenghi. That's unfortunate because older scholars usually do not load their papers to and she is likely retired and not searchable via a university directory (I can't even find an emeritus listing for her).

Marziano still alive in July 1424!

Well, it's big news in my world. From an older study, overlooked until Google OCR accidentally found it when I was looking for something else:

Sergio Pagano, "Documenti della mensa vescovile di Tortona riguardanti il territorio di S. Agata Fossili (sec. XV-XVI)," in Ricerche storiche su S. Agata Fossili, Tortona 1988, pp. 9-33. (Documents of the office of episcopal revenue of Tortona relating to the territory of S. Agata Fossili)

Marziano is the first witness to a document signed on 25 July, 1424:
Marcianus de Sancto Aloxio, vicarius episcopalis Terdonen[sis]

So at some point Marziano was also appointed episcopal vicar for Tortona.

Here are the Canons relevant to episcopal vicars (476-481). These Canons are probably modern, although I would assume they are still broadly indicative of medieval practice. Particularly notable is the requirement that episcopal vicars be priests of at least 30 years old. This is probably the same as the medieval requirement, and should be confirmation that Marziano was a priest (he was one of Gregory XII's "clerics of the apostolic chamber," but I couldn't find any information about whether that implied the deaconate or higher orders).

Sergio Pagano was born in 1948, and is still alive. His title is given as Prefect of the Vatican Secret Archives.
Here is his English CV - ... fetto.html

I will write him to ask if he can direct me to more references to Marziano, particularly for any help in finding his name during the pontificate of Gregory XII.
I can't find his email address, so I'll have to write to the Archives in general at

We have therefore narrowed his date of death by more than a year. Prior to yesterday, we had "between 29 April 1423 and 1 February 1425." Now we have narrowed it to six months, between 25 July 1424 and 1 February 1425.

Re: What are the documents for Marziano's dates?

In document 3 of the same paper, 26 June 1445, we find "Marcianus de Sancto Aloysio, filius quondam Georgii, vicarius episcopatus Therdone" (Marziano de S. Alosio, son of the late Giorgio, temporal vicar of Tortona).

This Marziano may be the same a "Marziano II" in the Sardigliano paper, but this latter gives him as the son of Francesco, our Marziano's younger brother. So this is either a different Marziano, or that genealogy is wrong.

Sardigliano states: "Marziano II. fu investito il 20 luglio 1435 del feudo di Garbagna, da parte del fratello monsignor Enrico. Nel 1447 ricoprì inoltre la carica di vicario temporale del Vescovato."

Marziano II, on 20 July 1435 was granted the fief of Garbagna, from his brother monsignor Enrico. In 1447 he also held the position of temporal vicar of the bishopric.

We know these two Marzianos are different because ours is the son of Giovanni, noted in the 1 February 1425 document, as well as one of 1422 -

1422 14 February Milan consiliario domino Martiano de Sancto Alosio filio quondam domini Joannis.
"the lord's advisor Marziano da Sant'Alosio, son of the late lord Giovanni."
Francesco Galantino, Storia di Soncino con documenti III, p. 229

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