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An Introduction to the Various Ways to Grip a Table Tennis Bat

The way the player plays an important significance in the gameplay. There are several types of certain direction and impact of a specific capture. This article will unravel some different ways of holding used in table tennis.


This is one of the most fundamental ways in table tennis. This way is done with an enlarged thumb on the top of the racket, according to the corner perpendicular to the handle. The tennis also facilitates Even the delivery of power through backhand and hand-held owls. The pendulum has two types of shallow grip and deep grip. To find the best table tennis table, you can refer to the short document at Best Ping Pong Table In The World - Ping Pong Start. Wish you soon choose a table you like.

In this gripe, the finger is stretched out below the racket. The thumb is kept comfortable on the blades, and not rubbery. To grip the grip, 3 bottom fingers are used.

The thick grip is almost like a shallow handle, except for the fact that the hand put farther than the handle towards the racket head. Similarly, the pointing finger is stretched along the racket bottom. The thumb is kept comfortable on the rubber. It is one of the most popular ways to handle table tennis.
This grip facilitates the blocking function and repelling various attacks on opponents. It makes opponents misleading by changing angles and rhythms.
Chopper attack

Guillotine like a neutral shot, use the guillotine to return a final attack. Therefore, opponents are forced to strike again. The difference between this style is its ' Cool Cat ' function because it does not seek to attack and reclaim the right to act.


Talking about different adhesion, Penhold's adherence seems to have been defeated somewhat. The reason is the weakness that it brought in the left hand hit. As the name suggests, this way the grip is like a pawn to write. The thumb and thumb are used to keep the racket, and the 3 remaining fingers support, roll around the back of the noise.

Loopers promoted the top-handed rotation as the main hit. This stylish user has great footsteps and mainly tries to use the hand to cover the entire table.

South Korea
Akin to the scammers, Penhold Korea relates to the first-hand rotation bracelet. Players who use this style have many games with than others.

Other Grips
Seemiller Grip
Named after Daniel Seemiller, an American football champion, this way the tennis is the result of the way to modify the racket. The thumb and thumb are kept on the same side of the racket. The same way allows for hand-handed, as well as a left-hand blow to use the same side of the rubber.

This is a style being worked in China. It is a test style. The handle requires the player to hold the racket between the front and middle finger, and the remaining toes are on and under the grips. The arrangement of these fingers forms a "V " to victory.
Finally, it's hard to say who is the best catch in a table tennis game. It all depends on the player, what he wants to do and comfortably.

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"De remediis utriusque fortunae" ... tunae.djvu

... Kaplan's argument isn't valid, as the text also doesn't note the game of chess (a game, which isn't a game of luck, but a game of skill; the text is especially about fortune, not about games).
Cards might have been known by Petrarca, but possibly these early experiments weren't identified as "games of luck".
Petrarca had been in Prague and there are reports, that in Prague playing cards existed as early as 1340 ... it's insecure, if these reports are correct.

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