Placement of the cards on the Cary Sheet block

Sorry for the long hiatus; I've had some trouble with my shoulder that made typing tedious. However, I kept reading. I am better now.

This is just a little thing, part of a larger project on type-C orders.

The two number cards in the lower right of the Cary Sheet are a fake: a different sheet has been cut and fitted in. The real sheet must have had two of the four missing trumps: which are:
Death, Hermit, Last Judgment, and World.
I think Death, Hermit, in that order, are most likely. I think this printed sheet was never more than 20 cards, as it is half a sheet of the paper size called English medium, which is over and over again the size used for printing cards. So some system was used: perhaps a block with ten copies of World, and ten copies of Judgment, to produce full decks.

I am using here the identifications in Kaplan, and the idea that of the two, the complete card is the Pope, and the incomplete one is Popess, as was pointed out to me by Cardwell. Here is the block; the mirror image of the sheet:
sheet from wikimedia RS10.jpg
sheet from wikimedia RS10.jpg (184.98 KiB) Viewed 363 times
Here are the identifications, also switched left to right:
mirror image block.PNG
mirror image block.PNG (6.52 KiB) Viewed 363 times

Assume the carver did the first two squares of the third row, but did not finish that row for some reason, but instead next did all the second row, then all the top row, then all the bottom row, then the three remaining squares of the third row.
Besides that one odd thing of stopping after the first two squares of the third row, the carver always went left to right, and always completed each row. After carving on a row, the next row he carved was always the one above it, or after the top row, the bottom row.

The implied trump order is:
  • Fool
    Bagato, Popess, Empress, Emperor, Pope,
    Fortitude, Justice, Love, Chariot, Wheel, Hanged Man, Hermit, Death, Temperance,
    Devil, Tower, Star, Moon. Sun, -- Last Judgment & World are not on this block.
For comparison the Viéville order is:
  • Fool
    Bagato, Popess, Empress, Emperor, Pope,
    Justice, Love, Chariot, Fortitude, Wheel, Hermit, Hanged Man, Death, Temperance,
    Devil, Tower, Star, Moon. Sun, [ Last Judgment, World ]
The Viéville order can be derived from this implied Cary block order by just two moves:
1) moving Fortitude three jumps forward to just before Wheel, and
2) switching Hanged Man and Hermit.

This implied order is as similar to the Viéville order, as one type-C order usually is, to another one. Viéville and the Susio poem order are nearly identical. Since a simple rule for the order of carving the squares (with only that one odd thing of jumping up a row after the first two squares carved), produces a plausible order, I think this may be the real order.

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