Reversed concept

Eteilla began an "era" of the reversed use of the cards.
Which are the evidences that support this thesis ?
The point is not a minor one,because governed the use of Tarot de Marseille as a divinatory tool since 1785 till now
So coincidently with the drastic change done few years before on the Tarot de Marseille iconography.

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Re: Reversed concept

...except that two-headed cards were already in existence by the time of Etteilla, and hence, for the person using the imagery for divination (or other forms of reading), reversed imagery was already present.

So it's perhaps not so much that Etteilla introduced the reading of reversed images, but rather that he provided plausible interpretations for for imagery that was already in part upright and in part 'reversed' (in at least some decks).

Re: Reversed concept

I have no data prior to Eteilla use of the reversals.
The double headed revolution of the iconography of the Tarot de Marseille took place very few years earlier.
I think Eteilla stealed the concept for divinatory purposes.
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