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Further reflection:. Legati says "il Papa" because he's just reiterating Vannozzi, who said "il Papa". For Vannozzi, there's the question, why is he only offended by the Papa giving the blessing, and isn't further offended by the presence of a second figure wearing papal vestments and crown? He surely would have noticed it, since he knows each of Faith, Hope, and Charity individually in ganellini (minchiate). Possible answers: (a) he's already made the point, it's just more of the same, and anyway he doesn't have a different word for that card, since all four are called "papa", which also means "father"; (b) he thinks it's Pope Joan, who is perfectly all right as a playing card. Of these, (a) is the more likely. If he knew the word "Popess", he probably would have used it, as even if it is Pope Joan, it's still offensive. With the information at hand, I really can't make any inference that for either of them, there is just one card called "Papa".

Re: Le Tarot cultural association News 2017

This is just to let people know that all of Andrea's iconological essays from Papessa to Luna have now been updated, mostly with additions, in Italian, and the translations into English revised. These are at and, the second group in the list on the left. Sometimes when you click on the title in English you get the essay in Italian. If that happens, just click on the British flag at the top right to get it in English. Let me know of possible translation errors, here or in a Private Message.

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