Re: Le Tarot dit "de Charles VI" : the Florentine path

rithkhmer wrote:
10 Aug 2017, 21:04
Thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful article

It is a collective work. Well, i have my part also...
In 2008, i had published a synthesis on trionfi;com.
It was immediatly translated in Portuguese by Constantino K. Riemma ... onneur.asp
Since, the research, mainly initiated by Huck Meyer from a long time discussion between us two about the French "fleur de lys" in the Medicis Stemma,was discussed here by the main contributors - specifically related to the Charioter of the TdCh Vi;
The final article is a synthesis of our investigations :
Le Tarot dit de Charles VI : la piste florentine :
Article :
Discussion :
Web page :

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